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“This pizza is great. They have a pizza that is called the sanitation pie, which has everything on it. This isn't just a great meal, it's an experience, almost a religious one. If you have the chance to get a pizza f...
“This is a restaurant bar attached to a driving range. The gal tending bar was very friendly and they were proud of their food, especially the wet burrito! The gal made us both a little taster plate of chicken fing...
“Food is the greek salad, a few of the staff members can be rude.
“The absolute best pizza! From NY and hes got the tastiest sauce around which makes for an excellent pizza NY/NJ style! EVERYTHING IS GOOD!
“The food is always served as it should be, hot or cold, and its always good. Servings are good and the service is good and friendly. They don't nit pick on sharing food. Good place to eat and take friends. We hi...
“this place was GREAT! the owner's (leo and lula) were fantastic! the people were great and the food was amazing!
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