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“If you haven't been to the Whippletree in a while you must revisit. There's a new manager - Wesley! The food is great! There was live music on the patio last Saturday - sounds like maybe every Saturday - Wesley sa...
“Thank you, for being open on Sunday mornings for the church goers. We wish you MUCH success.
“I recently visited the McDonalds in Bergen Park. I went through the drive-through to order. I started to order a Sweet Tea, but the employee could not understand me and asked me to repeat, I did politely and enuncia...
“Great sports bar to watch your favorite team! The best chicken wings from Hawaii to Colorado! Excellent choice of food and drink - generous pours. Service is great and the people are super nice.
“Family own, great people food is also very good.
“So excited this place has been "revived" after 2 years! Excellent food, superb service, great atmosphere with a cozy feeling. Glad we have a great new restaurant in our town of Evergreen!It is truly a happening esta...
“The new owners have made this a gracious and delicious restaurant destination. Perfect mountain decor, attentive service, and meals you'll want to go back for again and again.
“good food, some of staff, a little testy!
“The worst mexican food I have ever eaten.
“Yes, i also agree the Place really took a Turn for the worst Little Bear
“Place overall was COOl I have to agree with the other reviews
“used to be fun until new mangement took over don't book any good bands anymore
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