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The best Chinese food I've tasted in my life, really recommend it. Ask for the chicken corn soup and orange chicken and shrimp rolls. mmmmmm
i love how this restaurant although small, is very good food-wise as well as people-wise. When you walk in for the first time, they give you time to think about what you want and the second time; they remember you. Exactly you! This makes it a very personal experience and they make it the way you wa...
Incredible food, impeccible service, and the owner is such a doll! Love how they did the decore.
The most flippin awesome place ever! This place has been here forever, we have been going and getting fish and chips for over 20 years!!!
A really nice family resturant. Great fish tank.
We love Chi's. Great food. It has recently been renovated, and now it has a bit of a modern look to it. Delish.
I had to order Chinese food for the office with very little notice. Chi came through for me in about 20 minutes! Everybody enjoyed the food!
1 star(s)
the food here makes me miss the heat lamps over the "pans of meat" at panda express.
2 star(s)
I've eaten here on more than one occasion, and my previous visits have been pleasent. My most recent (and VERY last) visit, however, was horrific and I cannot dissuade you stongly enough from eating there! I went there with my brother and a friend, ordered a pasta dish, and low-and-behold, there's...
they have the best service and delicious food..we love going there !
Chi's is the best! The scallion pancakes w/ peanut butter sauce are to die for. I love her sweet and pungent chicken just wonderful. My husband and I have been eating at Chi's since it opened. We love the service and the food is always perfect. Chi is the nicest person you would want to meet.
When we went to the Ameci pizza and pasta on 1750 E. Los Angeles Ave. we expected to get food not cheese bricks aka cheese sticks and buffalo jerky aka buffalo wings.Old food should be thrown out not served to paying customers.Don't plan on us being back soon.
wow food of my life we go there alot we know them for like 10 years love it !
The food is always Great! When we order food to be delivered it always arrives hot.
The best Chinese food I've ever had.
This is my family's favorite place for pizza. They also have good Mediterranean dinners.
The food was okay. More diner-like, than deli-like, though the menu was large. The waitstaff I had was gracious and accommodating. I agree that the food at Brent's is better, but what a ZOO. It was quiet and easier to talk at Abe's.
I ordered the cinnamon roll french toast, and they served me a charred piece of garbage. As a rule, I don't return food since you never know what they'll send you back. You would think they would be embarrassed to even let food that is so burnt even leave the kitchen, but nevertheless they served ...
My husband have been to Chi's restaurant and everything we have ordered has been outstanding, especially their won-ton soup.
Terrible food and sloppy service. Will never return nor will any friends or family members.