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Ambiance, service, and food was great, but $3.25 for sodas or tea was a bit high! Kids get a balloon and ice cream but the kid's taco meal was $9.95 and the drink was $3.25 just like the adult beverages, though it came in a plastic cup with a lid and straw. That's why I say it is not kid-friendly!! ...
5 star(s)
WEDDING REHEARSAL DINNER HERE - VERY HAPPY! We visited Beaches initially for lunch. I had just previously eaten at Rock Fish, and ordered the Fish and Chips at both restaurants... Beaches won best dish, hands down (more fish and less breading and BETTER breading), AND the plate was much cheaper t...
Great food and service! The Lobster Wonton Taco’s is excellent. I read Kitchen Nightmares helped them improve on several fronts so it should be even better!
Good Italian menu at reasonable prices.
4 star(s)
Good place for burgers and other fast food. Good torito soup. Close to shopping (Manhattan Mall)
This place is great!! The food is very good and cheap, especially if you have the lunch special. Love it!!
Customer service was great and super friendly and fast service. I wish I didn't have to say this, but probably my least Chinese Food restaurant ever.
I have not enjoyed such great authentic chinese food in a long, long time. The restaurant is such a great value both in price and quality of food.
great food and service.
1 star(s)
My husband and I went here to celebrate our anniversary. The only reason we came here is because we had a gift card, otherwise we wouldn’t have chosen this restaurant. We made reservations well in advance and confirmed them a few days before, yet we still ended up waiting over a half hour to be se...
Best Szechwan food in the South Bay Area. You have to experience it to see why. Place is big, yet the service is very fast.
I live a few block away and we love it. Really tasty chinese food. You'll really enjoy the dinner/lunch special combo plates.