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This place is authentic Mexican seafood 100% it's very hard to find a place like this in the USA but its here in Los Angeles why travel to Mexico wen you can feel like your right over the border at this place food was fantastic will be back soon...
Confirm it with the site before you buy a certificate for this awful place. I chose this restaurant from restaurant.com and planned to eat lunch with my family after lunch. Unfortunately, the server who seemed like she did not want our presence in their place told me that she has not seen any certif...
5 star(s)
Great restaurant. Many vegetarian options. Friendly staff. Try the poblano potato rajas relleno.
5 star(s)
This restaurant was wonderful. Lots of vegetarian options. Friendly service and food was great! Recommend the poblano potato rajas relleno.
This food is FANTASTIC. I understand they had some problems over a year ago, but they have definitely cleaned up their restaurant. The food is made right in front of you, and tastes incredible. It is cooked fast, fresh, and with friendly service. Every time I visit, I usually try something new, and...
Great food. Very clean. I took the Gold Line from South Pasadena. 22 minutes, then a ten minute walk. Well worth it. Special Burrito a must! Great Tacos too! Kevin B.
I was staying about a block away in a Los Angeles Hotel and ran into this little great spot. It's a must eat!!!
Well in case everyone was not aware this place was closed from sep 28-mid october because they had vermin infestation and gross contamination of utensils (and for those of you that dont know what vermin means it is a name given to pests that carry diseases!!) i personally know the owners and workers...
I live about 2 blocks from this place and let me tell you, its a must to eat there... The food is awesome and its cheap!!!
The best bean & cheese burritos in the world! Really!
The best Chicano food. Just as good if not better then my mom makes. I travel up from Orange County Ca. once a month just to eat there
This is a nice place to take our families.
Al & Bea's is the BEST! There is no other place around that is as good as Al & Beas it has that special taste. Delicious! I'm glad I work about a mile away from this restaurant so I get to eat there all the time. :)
This is the place to go for Green Chile & Cheese burritos!
My family and I have been loyal customers for over 20 years. This is a hidden gem located in ELA where your taste buds are always satisfied. Great food with affordable prices...you cant ask for more.
I've been returning for over 30 years. I grew up eating at al and beas. I allways make it a point to pass by when im in town. The food is great and I allways run into someone i grew up with. This place has more regulars than any place I know.i've allso introduced some of my new freinds to the pl...
This is a one of the only places I brag about! I grew up on Al & Beas Taquitos and combination Burritos! I live about 30 miles from East LA, but it's worth the drive! It's hard to find food tastes like your nana cooked it, and this about the closest I've found!
Favorite Dish is Steak Picado. Guacamole is great also their chips and salsa are great.
5 star(s)
I've been goin to eat there since i was a little girl.This place is not only great but u can eat a lot for a little bit of money. For only $2.50 you can get a burrito and serve urself some warm beans and go straight to the salsa bar and get some hot salsa and ur all set.im now 19 and i still go ther...