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4 star(s)
I loved the shrimp tacos . I still dream about them . Pleas tell me where did CARLOS MURPHY'S RESTAURANT that was in La Mesa California , in Grossmont Center, La Msea relocate to after closing ?
Best in east county. Food is fresh and well prepared. Not a fan of beef, but this restaurant makes their beef dishes delicious and tender. Haven't found a dish I didn't like.
Great new place. LOTS of food for the money and very very good and authentic food. Thanks.
If you like authentic Italian cuisine and don't want to spend an arm and a leg, do yourself a favor and give this gem a try.
I ordered food for take out. All the food was horrible. It tasted old and nothing was correctly cooked. I even ordered wonton soup and the wonton were raw on the inside. I was extremely dissapointed!
5 star(s)
I love this restaurant, and not just me, but many fellow La Mesa residents!!! It's simple, but wonderful! Love, love, love!!!!