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5 star(s)
Great place for a business meeting or family gathering, the value to pricing ratio is good... found the always staff friendly and inviting... Restrooms clean... I really like their small but delicious lunch buffet, good selection, priced right for lunch, and all you can eat... Exceeds expectations.....
The quality of the food was great! Cant wait to eat there again!
5 star(s)
Love this little Chinese restaurant. Great service and food is really tasty! Always get a friendly greeting when we go in!
Some of the best food around! Large portions and prices are reasonable. One of my favorite places to eat!
gotta admit the best restaurant I've worked for..hehehe hi to all my beloved customers..
5 star(s)
Very friendly and personal service that really tries to make a dish how you want it. if you want spicier, she'll do it. if your kid likes baby corn, he gets extra. It's our favorite Chinese restaurant.
To let people know I loved the rock house , my girlfriend and I have been living i'n Houston , I just went out this morning hopping to see chef cast cause I went at least three times a week with business partners . To my disappointment there is a sad place called slice , I say sad cause they were ba...
It was the time that I will never forget how sad to not have chef Paul Casey i'n lakeview and to have lost such a one of a kind restaurant where are you chef
5 star(s)
Beer beer battered deep fried onion rings,best ever, They batter dip a ham and cheese sandwich and deep fry that. You can feel your arteries hardening. Awsome~!
I never had problems formosa so far this is the best chinese food I have ever. Tasted its better than monks or manderine house. Formosa gives you your money worth. I like the people and the atmospere. Now they have a nephew who always stop and enterupt by haveng a conversation and not doing work. Bu...
I have eaten here at least 50 times in the past 3 years. It is the best chinese food in Birmingham.
5 star(s)
We did the family dinner selection of the menue. The food was excellent and the service we wonderfull. Had left overs and took it home.
5 star(s)
This subway restuart is the best for anybody to go to eat. The employees are so friendly and the food is alway's fresh.
They have a wonderful country cook named Carla (Last name unknown)who cooks like your grandmother use to.In my opinion this lady would be at home at any five star location,but is wasting her talent at a small truckstop............. David Taylor Food...
5 star(s)
best egg rolls in Birmingham!
5 star(s)
silvertron re-opened great food with low prices I had the crab and shrimp cake sandwiches. way to much good food to eat for $12
The food is ALWAYS excellent. BEST CHinese in Birmingham by far. And you will need a doggie bag if you eat in. All take-out order feed at least 2 of the hungriest diners. Great choice, creat l;ocation, great value!!!!!!!!!!!!!
4 star(s)
This place is just a couple of min from my home so I can call ahead and pick up my order for my family w/in 15 min. It is does not have the best soup we have ever had, but the egg rolls are about the same, the food is way more than we have ever gotten any where else, we have been able to eat off ou...
4 star(s)
I eat at several chinese restaurants. China Doll 2 is not my favorite, but its closest to my workplace. I usually get the beef with broccolli, which I have cooked spicy, or the imperial beef. I am pleased with those dishes, and the hot and sour soup is ok. I like the fried rice better at other re...
1 star(s)
I love chinese and eat it often. The China Doll 2 is the closest to my house but I stopped eating there years ago due to the tastes of the food. I thought I would give another try to see if the quality had changed but was disappointed again. I had the General Chicken which had the same strange after...