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Raffaele Pizza & Subs

(602) 242-5117

7019 N 19th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85021

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Brothers Pizza
Italian, Pizzeria, Kids Friendly, Smoking/Non Smoking
5  out of 5 stars
Rosati's Authentic Chicago Pizza
Italian, Pizzeria, Casual/Family, Delivery

Italian Food & Culture History

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Reviews of Similar Restaurants

If you tired of fast food and home made cooking. Then come into this resturant, because they have a little bit of everything. From American, to Seafood and Itlalian dishes. They also, have daily specials if your on a budget too. The owners and st ...
First off, I would love to correct everyone's assumptions of Ray's Pizza. I have been friends with one of the families for over 10yrs now, and they are not Russian owned. They are all individually owned so we can't go around getting mad at everyone ...
Great place.. love it!!
Plain and simple......This is pizza not Carne Vino! I get the pizza and wings for $20 and I have received what I ordered EVERYTIME. If I have a concern they listen, but I do know, it needs to be reasonable. I have eaten at Ray's for over 25 years and ...
Very honest opinion from someone back east! The pizza is very good. Very small slices compared to NY but still very good. Sometime the bottom is a lil soggy depends on who makes it.I had a submarine "hoagie" as they say it here instead of hero. It ...

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