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“Food was amazing and atmosphere is friendly! Be back tomorrow for LUNCH! New owners are smart!
“Really cute place:) food and drinks were good. Service was great!
“Closed, out of business )-:
“Ha Ha China has new ownership and management since 2011. The new management is incredible with great customer service and wonderful food. A must stop for excellent food in Fountain Hills.
“The food is cheap and you get what you pay for. The only time the waitress came around was to take our order and bring the bill. The food was greasy and not good tasting. The egg rolls were full of nothing but cab...
“I have lived in fountain hills 8 years, and everytime we go there, the food is wonderful, the staff in kind, and I enjoy mtself.
“Group of 8. Took them 2 hours to deliver food after ordering. Then the order was only half delivered. The other half came 40 minutes later. Total of 3 hours wasted there. We complained. Manager got rude and would ...
“I've never eaten inside this restaurant, just ordered take out but their pizza is incredible...just a little high-priced for was almost $40 for 2 large pizzas but it is very good...
“The fried rice was not cooked correctly. Would not recommend this restaurant.
“Nice portions. reasonable prices. Great food and choices.
“Everytime I call this restaurant at night, the phone is busy. I was trying to get a to-go order. You need to figure out if your employees are on the phone, because you are losing business.
“Despite the previous reviewer, this restaurant is awesome. I crave their food all the time. The tortillas are hand-made and the selection is great!
“I ordered soft fish tacos (take out) and when I got home I realized I had been given beef tacos in deep fried shells. When I went back to the restaurant, I was told I got what I had ordered and that I was out of lu...
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