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loud, slightly obnoxious staff at every position, non chalant and somewhat confrontational attitude, heard screaming and yelling pretty much for whole visit...overall chaotoc experience, felt uncomfortable most of the vi...
1 star(s)
in Brampton
I was in the area and looking for a quick snack so I went to Quickie's for some fries and gravy. I placed and paid for my order and during the wait time my eyes wandered around I discovered that this place is filthy......
The restaurant was a pleasant surprise! I expected a restaurant of French cuisine I visited many years before, and tried this one with my wife, nonetheless. Best decision in years!
Excellent food and sizeable portions. Staff were kind and helpful. Excellent value! I would certainly go back.
Muskie Widows Tavern
5 star(s)
in Manitowaning
A week fishing....yeah, the waitresses looked great...don't remember the service but the waitresses smiled and smelled good. We smelled like fish but they didn't seem to be bothered by us. Fish and chips and gravy on the...
Quizno's Subs
5 star(s)
in Guelph
Ankit was a very helpful and kind employee. He worked so hard to meet our request. GREAT customer service. and because of Ankit we will come back to this location many many many times. THANK YOU ANKIT
Quizno's Subs
5 star(s)
in Mississauga
Best sub place in all of the GTA! Fast service, great food, will definitely make it one of my go-to places!
4 star(s)
in Stratford
I was there in July of 2000, the breakfat was unbeleiveable. I tried the Paul Bunyon but could not finish it. Outstanding !!!!
Ok with regards to the first reviews I completely disagree all the food is made in house and from scratch. While the food may not be as delicate as some of the higher level Italian places out there (I have been to some v...
Aielli Restaurant
4 star(s)
in Mississauga
The food was really good, pleased everytime I go.

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