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La Pupusa Loca

(713) 271-7608

7207 Hillcroft St, Houston, TX 77081

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Mexican Food & Culture History

Restaurant Description

From a long time ago the pupusa was a typical meal exclusive for Salvadorians. Its original and delicious flavor has not only conquered other countries in Central America but also has made its way to the United States and other parts of the world.

Pupusa are made from a combination of corn or rice dough with string cheese, fried beans, and grinded pork. It's name comes from a Mayan word meaning "sacred food" which indicates that it was initially used as an offering to the gods.

Way of preparation:

A "Pupusera" (pupusa specialist), manually molds a handful of dough until soft, adding the cheese, beans, pork (or a combination of the three ingredients). She then uses both hands to flatten it in a tortilla form and then places it on a pre-heated clay pan (comal), where it cooks in about 5 minutes. True "pupuseras" can mold up to 6 pupusas per minute! Pupusas are served hot, topped by a dilled type of slaw called curtido, and accompanied by a hot or cold beverage.

For those who still haven't tried pupusas, we are sure that ours will enchant your plate.

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