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“I grew up in Deer Park and my favorite treat was to get a Char Buger. I live about 30 miles away and still drive there every so often just to get one of the best hamburgers ever.
“Chicken was fresh with a light crust. Very tasty. The service was friendly and very prompt.
“Considering this isn't the kind of place you would care to eat inside, I would give this place 5 stars for value and excellent food. Everything I've tried is great, especially the onion rings! I've been a patron for...
“The food is wonderful! Everything is made onsite. Mostly fast fare, but made with your good health in mind...AND your mouth is going to think it's eating "forbidden" food! It's counter service, and only a few tables...
“I didn't know this place existed because it's hidden behind Wal-greens. This is easily the best restaurant in Deer Park. Iv'e eaten there 5 times now and loved it every time.
“CharBurger has been a great place to get great food in this area for a long time. I know some people walk in and see the age of the place, but if you take a second you can see the history of the place. My parents ha...
“Char Burger is the best restaurant in Deer Park! They have the best burgers and gyros, just because they aren't McDonald's or Burger King doesn't mean they aren't good. They are a small family business and they have...
“The chicken's crust was dark and greasy and the meat hard as if they'd fried it twice! Nasty.
“I agree, the service is very bad and the people that work there are some of the meanest dp people i've ever met... but the food is good! And I don't know how they have been open all these years seeing how the place ...
“good food but they keep raising up the prices
“I have been dinning at Char burger since the 70's and it's still just as good now as it was then. It doesn't have the flashiness of the newer places but who cares, I want good burgers!
“I love to take friends and family to this restaurant. Has a MOM & POP atmosphere. The food is very good, nice portions for the money. Families can eat good and the menue is not expensive at all. I like the fact that...
“The food is delicious! The people are great and the atmosphere is terrific! I would recommend this restaurant to anyone and everyone!
“the food is just as good as ever, and I enjoy the characters that work there.
“We waited thirty minutes for a "to go order", and we felt overcharged with a $25 bill for three burgers so my wife asked for a receipt. The cashier said she was insulted and refused to give her the change. I went ba...
“I was blown away by this restaurant. The food is great.
“it may be a crappy joint, but it makes great burgers
“this place should be closed down . i don't think they have ever had a health inspector visit there
“it sucks not like it used to be
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