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Kublai Khan Mongolian Stir Fry

(713) 690-2244

13708 NW Fwy, Houston, TX 77040

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Thai Xpress
Asian, Thai, Banquet/Party Room, Kids Friendly
Anothai Cuisine
Asian, Thai, Casual/Family, Catering

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Asian, Thai, Casual/Family, Bar
5  out of 5 stars
American, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Casual/Family Restaurant in
5  out of 5 stars
American, New American, Casual/Family, Catering Restaurant in

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I adore this place, it was my first date with the guy who taught me how to eat sushi. I love all of their rolls, especially The Crazy Irishman! The miso soup is delectable,and the gal who serves me whenever I am there remembers my name and knows my f ...
Hey people out there if you want to have Asian Cuisine or Malay Cuisine this is the places that I can recommended to you guys! I'm so obsesses with the food that I've ordered And can't wait on the presentation! You know what the food is so delicio ...
I read some of the reviews online and decided I would try this place out. First off for the Mongolian Grill... They are below average at best, variety is limited, the sauces aren't very good and with only 5 types of meat (2 beef, baby shrimp, imit ...
I love this restaurant. I now live right outside Austin. I only wish we had access to good Asian cuisine here. I miss empress daily. My family thought of this place as a second home. Thank you very much. The Aikman family will always think kindly on ...
This is the real authentic Malaysian Cuisine! The food is superb and remind me alot about Malaysian Country! I've been working in Malaysia for about 6 year and today my feeling start to feel like i was in Malaysia after my dining in this AsamLaksa ...

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