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Jamaican Cuisine Jerk Spot

(321) 445-3200

5722 Old Cheney Hwy, Orlando, FL 32807

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Antilles Cuisine
Oleys Homestyle Cooking
Caribbean, Barbecue

Restaurant Description

Finding authentic and tasty Jamaican dishes at your disposition in your local area is no longer an inexistent fantasy in the Orlando area. The Jamaican Cuisine Jerk Spot specializes in Jamaican style home cooked chicken as well as other types of beef, pork, goat and several dishes of seafood.

The most popular entrée is the jerk chicken which can be ordered either as a small sized or large sized dish. Other chicken specialties are followed by curry chicken, fried chicken and stew chicken. One of the most unique dishes offered at this eatery is the Ox Tail in the beef selections that also include pepper steak, beef ribs jerk-style, and stew beef. All entrees can be accompanied with white rice, peas, vegetables or your choice of mac and cheese or plantains.

Seafood selections offer a wide variety of dishes which include several styles of shrimp and fresh fish fillets. Vegetarians can also enjoy roti, steamed veggies and curry stews. Selections of daily soups and goat dishes are also available. The eatery offers all these delicious dishes for very reasonable prices and also a free delivery service within a 5-mile radius for orders of at least $20.

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