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Ethiopian Diamond Restaurant

(773) 338-6100

6120 N Broadway St., Chicago, IL 60660

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Dining Specials

Masala Indian & Thai Cuisine
Indian, Mediterranean, Thai, Vegetarian
Salad House
Vegetarian, Deli/Sandwich/Subs

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African, Mexican, Casual/Family, Catering
The best Birrea restaurant I have ever been to, its great authentic flavor!!! and hand made tortillas, service is great, was greeted by John when we came in definitely reccomend, and definitely will go back.
African, Mexican, Casual/Family, Catering
The food was really tasty. The Yassa chicken was well seasoned. However, it was a bit tough for my taste. No matter, the place is great. Loved the cabbage. Try it.
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The Chicago Diner is absolutely one of the very best vegetarian restaurants in the Chicagoland area. Their menu is varied and their vegan desserts are absolutely wonderful. The cuisine at the Diner is mostly vegetarian (and vegan) adaptations of ...
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This was my first experience with food from Senegal and I was totally happy with my choice of Yassa Chicken, the Jollef rice was great as were the plantains. I am looking forward to going back and trying their other dishes.
African, Mexican, Casual/Family, Catering
the best food in the world

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