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El Pollo Dorado

(212) 795-2569

1497 St Nicholas Ave, New York, NY 10032

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Cafe Nunez
American, Caribbean, Contemporary, International

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5  out of 5 stars
European, Russian, Casual/Family, Banquet/Party Room Restaurant in
New York
5  out of 5 stars
American, Southern, Barbecue, Buffet Restaurant in
New York
4  out of 5 stars
Mediterranean, Casual/Family, Kids Friendly, Outdoor Seating Restaurant in
New York

Reviews of Similar Restaurants

Caribbean, Barbecue
I am a Jamaican and let me say that this particualr Golden Crust SUCKS!!!!! BIG time!The food there is horrible. The curry goat is always salt and their oxtail is undone. the onlty thing i buy is the mild patty or the banana chips because I like them ...
Caribbean, Barbecue
staff very unfriendly, especially the females. Never say hello and does not respond to you when greeted. Very nasty disposition shown by the staff at E. 23rd street. There is one guy that always friendly and offers good service The food is often t ...
Caribbean, Barbecue
BARBECUE, this is the one word to describe the smoky, tangy, saucy utterances that issue from MoBay Uptown's kitchen. I had gone many times before, for the whole snapper rundown, the crab cakes and the fabulous vegetarian offerings, but once I taste ...
Caribbean, Barbecue
The food is average,however, the service is horrible. They never have white rice and once i ask an attendant why there was no white rice she said, " because they don't pay me to cook rice, so i'm not doing it." The female employees are very rude, so ...
Caribbean, Barbecue
great food, people time

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