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11903 W 6th Ave, Lakewood, CO 80401

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Los Tres Garcias
Mexican, Brewery/Pub/Tavern, Casual/Family, Bar
Las Funtes
Brewery/Pub/Tavern, Casual/Family, Bar, Children's Menu

Mexican Food & Culture History

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Sushi Bar Restaurant in
5  out of 5 stars
Italian, Brewery/Pub/Tavern, Pizzeria, Casual/Family Restaurant in
Wheat Ridge
4  out of 5 stars
American, American Traditional, Brewery/Pub/Tavern, Sports Bar and Grill Restaurant in

Reviews of Similar Restaurants

The perfect taste of Cali style, they have california burritos,theres no other mex fast food in town, this is the best, great food and this guys work hard to give the best service, they always busy,they serve breakfast burritos anytime, even late, i ...
I love it. When I walk in its fresh.Love the drinks fresh and tasty.Good service and quick. nice people,may not talk english perfectly but nice:)
Great restaurant. They have the best schedule and serve anything, any time. (If its on the menu, that is.) Good food, service, and a clean place. Recommend it to any one. You have to be willing to wait, because they are always busy, but it is worth i ...
Excellent food, fresh and tasty. Quick service, very reasonably priced and the burritos are BIG and well-stuffed. Small but tidy eating area. Drive thru keeps pretty busy. Open from 630am to 11pm makes it a great place to get a quick breakfast or t ...
This was the worst food and service I have had in a very long time. I ordered water w/my meal and was charged 1.25. They offered fries for 1.75 and when I ordered chili cheese fries they charged 7.00. When I got home and tried them, they were so a ...

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