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Mount Pleasant Restaurant Reviews

Mount Pleasant  restaurant reviews photo

Welcome to our Mount Pleasant restaurant reviews guide where you'll find top restaurants off the beaten path, both locally owned and chain. In fact, some of the best restaurants in the Mount Pleasant just might be the little mom and pop operations flying under the radar. For some of the best picks in Mount Pleasant, you've come to the right place.

Our Mount Pleasant restaurant reviews guide can help you make sense of the thousands of options out there. Happy eating!

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Blue's House Of Wings

“Horrible. If you're brave enough to try their reheated wings frozen bbq and microwaved everything...good luck my friend. Worst most expensive meal for what was actually dorm food. Not to mention immigration might want to stop by.”

Pawley's Front Porch

 5 star(s)  (03/08/2012)
“When was the last time you had a burger that you could order how you would like the patty cooked? Pawley's grind each burger to order so you can order it medium rare if you like. I ordered their Teriyaki Burger special which was excellent! They had a think slice of grill pineapple and dabbles of a w... ”

Triangle Char & Bar

 4 star(s)  (03/08/2012)
“Good food and a nice hang out place with friends. The restaurant side is more friendly to families but still a bit loud. The Mahi Mahi fish taco was pretty good. The tacos were huge but I felt there was not enough fish to balance out the rest of the ingredients. It would have been better to make th... ”

Tokyo Bistro

 4 star(s)  (03/07/2012)
“Tokyo Bistro is a solid Asian restaurant that has awesome sushi. Their sushi chef is a long time NY sushi chef at a well known Japanese restaurant. I have dined here many time trying their dishes from Malaysia to China and to Japan, all have been very good. Although don't expect their dishes to be ... ”

Outback Steakhouse

 3 star(s)  (03/07/2012)
“This outback had very good service and their take out operation was top notch. They recognized my car and brought out the food to my car quickly. The packaging was very good to keep the food from melding together in becoming one mesh. Unfortunately the good stops there. The food is only average comp... ”

Fiddlers Green Pub

 5 star(s)  (03/07/2012)
“Karaoke every Wednesday night by Sing With Aaron. First song at 9:30”


 4 star(s)  (03/05/2012)
“I was impressed with this little Japanese restaurant that is tucked away in the plaza. I wasn't expecting much as I was merely looking for a place closes to me at the time. I ordered the salmon and yellowtail... wow the sushi was fresh and flavorful! Definitely handled with care to keep it tasty and... ”

Page's Okra Grill

 5 star(s)  (06/18/2011)
“Page's Okra Grill is a local favorite and is always busy. You'll know why once you dine here. You get the friendly southern hospitality with great Low Country cooking. I love their style of Shrimp and Grits. They grill the grits in a cube and pour a creamy sausage gravy all over it with good size sh... ”

Point Grill

 3 star(s)  (06/15/2011)
“Nothing fancy here but just your good Ol' Southern cooking. I thought the prices where a bit high for the buffet but overall not a bad place to fuel up for lunch. I wouldn't bring a date here though.”

Abe's Oyster House

 5 star(s)  (06/15/2011)
“I've hesitated to try Abe's Oyster House even though it has been recommended by a friend. How good can a seafood place that is not on the water right? Well, after being invited to eat here for dinner, I was blown away by how fresh the seafood is here! What even amazes me more is their prices. I ... ”

Sticky Fingers Smokehouse

 5 star(s)  (05/09/2011)
“Boy I wish they had a Sticky Fingers in the Triangle area in North Carolina! Their food and service are consistently excellent. Although the server we had tonight was his first day on the floor, he did wonderfully and was knowledgeable. This shows management takes great care in their service and c... ”

Tokyo Bistro

 4 star(s)  (05/07/2011)
“Tokyo Bistro is a nice lunch place for a quick tasty meal. I really like the fact that they have a wide array of Asian dishes. They even have Singapore noodles which they call Downtown Singapore. Although it is not exactly authentic, they do a good job with drawing out that dishes flavor and putt... ”

Eurasia Cafe and Wine Bar

 5 star(s)  (05/07/2011)
“Eurasia is a beautifully decorated restaurant. It is like one of those trendy restaurants you find in New York City but fortunately it is here in Mount Pleasant, SC. The food matches that of their decor as it was delicious! The salmon special was so tender and cooked to perfection. It's easy to ... ”

Vickery's Bar & Grill

 4 star(s)  (03/15/2011)
“Good food and a even better view! On beautiful cool sunny days, there are little places better than Vickery's to dine for lunch. I had the Cuban soup with bits of ham. Boy it was delicious! I also ordered the shrimp and cheese grits which was a bit on the oily side because of the spicy sausage th... ”

Jack's Cosmic Dogs

 5 star(s)  (02/19/2011)
“Wow, I think I've just found my favorite hot dog joint. One of my friends recommended it when I was in town and described how Alton Brown considers it a must visit place whenever he is in town. Well that sold me and I headed over here for lunch. It was about 1:30pm and the place was still steadil... ”

Samos Taverna

 4 star(s)  (06/19/2010)
“I've only been here for dessert and drinks, however, the dinner menu looks excellent and I am dying to go back! The baklava was very good, service was excellent and the atmosphere was great.”

TASI Bites & Blends Juice Bar

 4 star(s)  (05/15/2010)
“A nice juice bar and the only choice here in Mount Pleasant. They have organically grown wheat grass and juice them by the shots. They serve them up in real shot glasses and offer the squimesh a peach to chase it down. I've had their fresh juice blends which are good. Their homemade Curry Chicken... ”


 4 star(s)  (05/15/2010)
“I don't care what anyone saids, this Publix is a lunch option for professionals. They have plenty of clean and spacious seating that make your typical restaurant feel cramped. The have a sushi chef there to make any sushi that you want at an amazingly cheap price. The other day a coworker recommen... ”

The Sprout

 4 star(s)  (05/15/2010)
“Wow, I'm glad I found another option of Juice bar selections here in Mount Pleasant! This one is located adjacent to ECO Fitness. It must be nice to be able to get a shot of wheat grass before workout and refuel with their smoothie or fresh juices after the workout. This convenience does come at ... ”

Zeus Grill & Seafood

 4 star(s)  (05/13/2010)
“This a local favorite and I know why. I've been here twice and each time we had great service, large portions and fresh food. This time I ordered the Shrimp and Grits dish and it was good. You can tell the ingredients they used were fresh. It was a bit too runny for my taste but nonetheless it was ... ”

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