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State Street Grill, Clarks Summit

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Best Restaurants in Clarks Summit 2016

Clarks Summit Restaurant Guide & Dining Reviews

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State Street Grill4 star(s)

 The Human is a welcome addition to the State Street Grill. Buy him a Jimmy or ten and he will regale you with legendary Australian strories, including being the national, local champion, at Sydney's Birrong Bowls club in the year of 1974.

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DINO & Francesco's Pizza & Pasta House  3 star(s)
“Good food at a really great price. Service can be hot or cold. Lots of young inexperienced waitstaff comes through here. Be prepared that your food may take a long time. I have waited 1.5 hours in the restaurant... ”

Taco Bell  5 star(s)
“I agree. This is one of the few fast food restaurants that ALWAYS get my order right! Drive thru staff is very friendly and helpful and I give them an A+ rating. The woman who works the day shift has always been gre... ”

Pepato Cafe & Grill  2 star(s)
“The food was okay but the service was horrible. And I agree with one of the previous reviews--if they don't know you, than they could care less about how your dining experience is going. There was probably 5 table... ”

Colarusso's Cafe  5 star(s)
“the BEST nothing else to say”

Amici Restaurant  5 star(s)
“The only word to use to describe my eating experience at the Amici is marvelous. I can honestly say that this was the best meal I have ever eaten. Also, the impeccable service and the ambience made this a night to ... ”

Pepato Cafe & Grill  5 star(s)
“We are from Rochester, NY, and when we visit our daughter and grandson in Clarks Summit, we always try to eat at Pepato's. The atmosphere is wonderfully warm and relaxing, the food inventive and delicious, and so n... ”

Pepato Cafe & Grill  
“Finally decided to eat there after living in Clarks Summit for 11 years and having been at all the other establishments and we were astonished at the taste of the food. Having at our luxery some of the best dining i... ”

Pepato Cafe & Grill  5 star(s)
“I know the lady one reviews is speaking of, and I kinda like that she'll have a glass of wine with customers. It adds to the feeling of being welcomed. Would you rather come over and sit on your face while eating li... ”

Taco Bell  4 star(s)
“I think the people at this taco bell are very nice to their costumers.The cashiers do a great job on their work.The food is excellent and the service was good. They all deserve a slap on the sholder for thier good w... ”

Waffle House  5 star(s)
“Good food for a great price! Friedly service.”

Pepato Cafe & Grill  5 star(s)
“One of the best restaurants at this area.”

Pepato Cafe & Grill  5 star(s)
“Truly exceptional food! A classy, upscale venue, featuring only the freshest of ingredients. The warm, cozy, and serene ambience provides an extraordinarily relaxing atmosphere for enjoying the creative and sophisti... ”

Amici Restaurant  5 star(s)
“Complete and total excellence, I love that restaurant. Definately a favorite.”

Amici Restaurant  4 star(s)
“The Best!”

Pepato Cafe & Grill  5 star(s)
“Without exception the best food most innovative food in NEPA for well over a decade. The menu is unique(eg venison rack, fresh dover sole,grilled figs),as is the wood fired oven. The food is always fresh and top qua... ”

Pepato Cafe & Grill  5 star(s)
“I don't why that guy rated this place a 1, common. Denny's is a 1. This place is fantastic. I'm vegetarian, and to be taken care of easily in a higher end restaurant is a hard fine. I've probably been to Pepatos 100... ”

Mcdonalds  5 star(s)
“i really injoyed the people that wrere working thir they seemed to be really nice”

Pepato Cafe & Grill  5 star(s)
“Great food, nice people.”

Pepato Cafe & Grill  5 star(s)
“Food is good, nicely presented and inventive. Service as mentioned before can be slow, but that's ok. We were surprised that everyone else who came in knew the staff - most have a devoted following in local circle... ”

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