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Fultano's Family Pizza Parlor, Clatskanie

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Terrace Kitchen, Lake Oswego
Lunch Box, Tualatin
India Chaat House, Portland

Best Restaurants in Clatskanie 2015

Clatskanie Restaurant Guide & Dining Reviews

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Fultano's Family Pizza Parlor5 star(s)

 Nobody has ever eaten at Fultanos and said anything like 'remind me again why I came here?' or anything of that sort. If you are a Fultanos customer you know why you went there, it's because of the amazing food, friendly staff, and perfectly clean building. You can't get enough of Fultanos! My family lives in Clatskanie and Fultanos is our regular hang-out. You'll see us there about once a week. It's AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

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Colvins Pub & Grill  5 star(s)
“The food at Colvins is excellent. The dinner chef is unbelievable. If you are looking for something not on the menu, just ask. He will whip up something that you are sure to enjoy. Chicken fried prime rib is to die ... ”

Humps Restaurant & Lounge  2 star(s)
“Very disappointing dining experience. The portions were small, the food was cold and tasteless. The service was good, but the kitchen was slow considering that there were few customers to cater at the time. The sala... ”

Humps Restaurant & Lounge  4 star(s)
“Humps is a pretty good restauraunt for casual dining. It's food isn't too bad but it's not perfect either. The service at Humps is good.”

Bundy's Drive-In  4 star(s)
“Bundy's is a good place to stop at when you're on a trip. They are fast, convieniently located, and have pretty good food. Pretty much the only bad thing is the price for a hamburger, but it's really not THAT bad! I... ”

Fultano's Family Pizza Parlor  5 star(s)
“Fultanos is the absolute best pizza parlor ever! They have DELICIOUS pizza, a freindly staff,an attractive style in their decore, and a very clean building.Fultanos is my favorite restauraunt. You just can't beat Fu... ”

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