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Rome Restaurant Reviews

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Welcome to our Rome restaurant reviews guide where you'll find top restaurants off the beaten path, both locally owned and chain. In fact, some of the best restaurants in the Rome just might be the little mom and pop operations flying under the radar. For some of the best picks in Rome, you've come to the right place.

Our Rome restaurant reviews guide can help you make sense of the thousands of options out there. Happy eating!

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 5 star(s)  (04/10/2014)
“Fuddruckers is duh-bomb! Their burgers are great, the buns are fresh, and there are other choices you can have! Variety is the spice of life! I recently tried the grilled chicken sandwich and it was juicy! The bun was good as always! The fries have an awesome seasoning like Zaxby's! Everything is bi... ”

Sonnys Real Pit Bar B Q

 5 star(s)  (09/24/2013)
“I like sonny's, my dad doesn't! I had the sliced pork, My dad had the pulled pork, he thought tasted watery. My food was goody, their texas toast is good, the sauces are good! It is a great place if you want good barbeque”

Ryans Family Steakhouse

 5 star(s)  (09/24/2013)
“I have eaten there my whole life, and the food is awesome! I had the sweet and sour chicken over rice, yummers! For dessert i had snickerdoodle cookies, lip smackin' good! Their desserts, cakes pies, cookies, brownies, puddings muffins taste like homemade love! Their baked chicken, fried chicken, po... ”

Red Lobster

 5 star(s)  (09/24/2013)
“I went there the day before my birthday! Red Lobster is awesome! The cheese biscuit are mouth watering! I had the shrimp linguini alfredo, pretty good! The fried and coconut shrimp is yummy too! The always have good baked potatoes!”

Pick O Deli Cafeteria & Ctrg

 5 star(s)  (09/24/2013)
“Me and my grandmother went there. My grandmother doesn't seem to like it anymore, but i liked it. I had chicken tenders, mashed potatoes with gravy, and creamed corn that was awesome! Catfish was great, that's what my grandmother usually had!”

International House of Pancakes

 5 star(s)  (09/24/2013)
“My first IHOP experience was fantastic and it certainly is a yummy breakfast joint. The first time I went there I had the blueberry french toast, may have been too much, but utterly delicious. Second time, the original pancake platter, heaven on a plate, people. Third and last time, I had the biscui... ”

M & J Home Cooking Inc

 5 star(s)  (09/24/2013)
“My dad and I went there yesterday? I had the fried fish that was absolutely delicious, had some rice and vegetable medley with was superb! Peaches and cottage cheese I had for dessert was also pretty good! Their steak and gravy, salmon patties, dressing, deviled eggs, banana pudding, great! It is a... ”

M & J Home Cooking Inc

 5 star(s)  (12/03/2012)
“Buffet was fabulous. Very nice staff. Buffet trays frequently refilled and kept very warm. Should you pay with a credit card please go to the register with it just to keep watch over it. I visited the restaurant in Rome, GA and I had to cancel my credit card the next day after a $300 charge at Kmart... ”

El Zarape Mexican Restaurant

 4 star(s)  (05/21/2011)
“Great carne azada along with excellent service”

M & J Home Cooking Inc

 5 star(s)  (07/16/2010)
“I'm from a small town, so when I eat at M&J's it reminds me of home. The food is perfect and the waitresses are very friendly.”


“I live in the Northside Area Neighborhood.. I ride a bicycle to the local convenience store (cowboys) occasionally to buy beer.. I never bother anyone just simply get what I need and leave without speaking to anyone.. At exactly 10:01pm tonight (Jan 26, 2007) Workers on a cigarette break stood ou... ”

International House of Pancakes

“This location is not run the way I have seen in other cities, the wait staff comes off as creepy, the food bland and everything smelled burned, or like burnt oil. Even our pancakes had the odor of it. Sticky tables and a big no no at IHOP, we had to keep asking for coffee. The waitress never filled ... ”

Waffle House

 1 star(s)  (01/09/2008)
“None of the Waffle House restaurants in rome have Grill Operators who know how to cook.. It is virtually impossible to get a proper order of hashbrowns.. There are specific guidelines for preparing all foods in the Blue Star and Master Grill Op Handbooks which are to be strictly followed, however,... ”

Burger King

 1 star(s)  (01/09/2008)
“Do you like paying for microwaved food? Microwaved food has 75% less nutrients than fresh food.. I hate restaurants that Microwave their food.. Completely Unacceptable.. I also inquired about employment at this company and felt discriminated against.. After overhearing complaints of shorthanded... ”

El Zarape Mexican Restaurant

 5 star(s)  (01/09/2008)
“The food is always prepared fresh and the chips and salsa are the best in town.. The service is outstanding you can be in and out of here full in fifteen minutes if necessary.. I have never seen this place unclean.. The portions are always sufficient and the servers always cut up with the childre... ”


 1 star(s)  (01/09/2008)
“Food? Always old, Always Skimpy.. Service? Always Slow, Always Hateful, employees treat establishment as if they are operating local crack-house.. Cleanliness? Employees always smoking cigarettes within 50 feet of establishment / vioation state law.. Value? Sure If you like being threatened a... ”

Biscuit Bucket

 1 star(s)  (01/09/2008)
“I haven't shaved my face in three weeks it's no lie that I look rough.. does that give a restaurant the right to discriminate and rip you off?? obviously in the crooked town of Rome, Ga it does.. I ordered a Chicken Biscuit, a Hash Brown, and a water.. they didn't have hash browns so I had to se... ”