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Miami Restaurant Reviews

Miami  restaurant reviews photo

Welcome to our Miami restaurant reviews guide where you'll find top restaurants off the beaten path, both locally owned and chain. In fact, some of the best restaurants in the Miami just might be the little mom and pop operations flying under the radar. For some of the best picks in Miami, you've come to the right place.

Our Miami restaurant reviews guide can help you make sense of the thousands of options out there. Happy eating!

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Cafeteria Adelita II

 5 star(s)  (03/20/2010)
“great food great service”


 5 star(s)  (12/14/2007)
“Well l think Dennys is the best breakfast joint ever”

Beverly Hills Cafes

 5 star(s)  (09/23/1999)
“Beverly Hills has a large selection and especially good salad choices. There must be 15 different salads and you can order the size you like. There is something for everyone -- all types of sandwiches and dinners. The rolls are fantastic, always fresh and hot.”

Two Chef's

 5 star(s)  (06/06/2003)
“The food was excellent....the best steak! It was cooked perfectly juicy with bacon and mushrooms (makes my mouth water just thinking about it!). Also try their swordfish special, delicious!!!”

Canton Chinese Restaurant of Dadeland North

 5 star(s)  (12/20/2008)
“Food, staff, are all great.”

Canton Chinese Restaurant of Dadeland North

 5 star(s)  (08/21/2009)
“I love this place. I'm sad that we are moving and will not be able to go there. Great food, friendly staff, very nice.”

Canton Chinese Restaurant of Dadeland North

 5 star(s)  (12/26/2010)
“always order out, and the staff is very friendly. Great taste!”

Canton Palace Chinese Restaurant

 5 star(s)  (04/15/2010)

Canton Palace Chinese Restaurant

 5 star(s)  (08/04/2010)
“There is a whole list of dim sum and dishes. The prices aren't ridiculously high; they are decent. The waiters are prompt and decent. We were seated within a few minutes and there was a lot of customers.”

El Gallego

 5 star(s)  (07/19/2008)
“i went to this restaurant tonight and i was very impressed. The place is fantastic; absolutely beautiful inside with gorgeous walls painted of red with flowers and dancers and guitars. The food was exquisite and very fast. My favorite part was the live entertainment. There were young flamenco danc... ”

El Gallego

 5 star(s)  (03/21/2009)
“I have been going to this restaurant for about 15 years. The food, the service and the place has only improve the prices are incredible good. We have celebrate parties and every oportunity we have we visit again and again. The servers get to know you and treat us like part of the family. They have T... ”

El Gallego

 5 star(s)  (07/02/2012)
“I was recomend by a friend and two fridays ago I went, it was great the caldo gallego is the best. The staff is very friendly and the entertainment was great. Will make it my regular place.”

Al Dente Ristorante

 5 star(s)  (06/25/2009)

Cafe Vinales

 5 star(s)  (11/01/2010)
“great place - inexpensive - fresh food and spotless place - highly recommend.”

Cafe Vinales

 5 star(s)  (05/22/2014)
“I don't have words to describe how good this place is, the food here is that good that you will never forget you've been here, the service is great too, and you will even get to know the owners and every employee because this is a place for families and ordinary people to enjoy our Latin American cu... ”

Farolito Restaurant

 5 star(s)  (06/17/2008)
“This is a cozy small restaurant, great service. The food is excellent. The best mixed ceviche ever. All steaks are great, specially the typical lomo saltado. Their dessert, suspiro limeno is just what you need to close out a great meal. I recommend it 100%, so far, the best peruvian restaurant in th... ”

Old Lisbon Restaurant

 5 star(s)  (05/17/2008)
“This is a great alternative for people who have a taste for international food and are tired of Sushi/Thai/Spanish/Nouvelle and, specially here in Miami, Cuban cuisines. Their emphasis is on Bacalhau (Codfish) dishes cooked in a variety of sauces an manners, and include both the fresh and the dried... ”

Super Pizzeria and Restaurant

 5 star(s)  (07/17/2009)
“Great quality, Service and Prices. Greek specialties are their best kept secret.”

David Place

 5 star(s)  (01/24/2008)
“family resturant. Fine dining and dancing.”

Doggi's Churrasqueria and Arepa Bar

 5 star(s)  (03/18/2012)
“C'mon y'all, anybody that gave this place a one or a two is strait crazy. The food was great, the owner came running whenever we needed anything, and it was great value. I do prefer Argentine or Uruguayan steak and chimichurri, but either y'all are strait crazy to give him a one or a two or they j... ”

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