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San Angelo

Harlows, San Angelo

Taste Of Italy, San Angelo

Packsaddle Bar-b-que, San Angelo

Mr Ts Grocery & Deli, San Angelo

Ichiban Japanese Steak House, San Angelo

Best Restaurants in San Angelo 2016

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Ichiban Japanese Steak House3 star(s)

 I have been going to Ichiban for years and have always loved the food. Even if the service was not so great, the food always was. WELL, I recentely at dinner there to find that they had changed their Teryaki sauce. It is DISGUSTING !! It is the same as Bonsai Garden : ( If I wanted theirs, I would go eat there. We always went to Ichiban for a special night out and now I have to find a new place : (

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Recent San Angelo Restaurant Guide Reviews

Harlows  5 star(s)
“Without a doubt the best meal I have ever eaten!!! The entire experience was perfect. Friendly staff in a homey setting.”

Ichiban Japanese Steak House  5 star(s)
“ichiban has always been a great place to eat. havin the new owners, the restaurant is still a wonderful place the food has not changed and if it has its better. i love everything about ichiban an the place ia ALOT c... ”

Ichiban Japanese Steak House  5 star(s)
“I can say that ichibans has improved since the new owners , I have worked there over a year now , and once before back around 2004 with the old owners. The ingredients in the food have not changed at all trust me i ... ”

Gil's Restaurant  2 star(s)
“sucks! need better wait staff”

Zentners Daughter Steak House  2 star(s)
“The Waitstaff is RUDE as are the cashiers! The food is good but during these hard times paying customers in no way deserve to be treated so badly. I think ill take me hard earned money to Twin Mountain.”

Twin Mountain Steak House  1 star(s)
“In January of 2009, my husband and I went to Twin Mountains for our Anniversary dinner. I had always LOVED the filets there. I ordered one and it didnt even taste or look like filet meat. I took half of it home a... ”

Twin Mountain Steak House  
“At @ TM last week (Sept 23, 2009). The Scraps were just as tasty and perfectly prepared as I remembered; bread was good, onion rings OK, pecan pie about average for West Texas (which is GOOD, don't get me wrong). B... ”

Twin Mountain Steak House  5 star(s)
“We ate at twin mountain on 7-18-09. We ate ribeye and chicken fry. The ribeye was good and was a perfect size and cut. Chicken fry was perfect and tender. The service was really good. Will come back.”

Twin Mountain Steak House  
“Passing through Texas two friends and I ate there late june 2009. I thought the place could easily be in a third world country with the filthy, matted carpeting which looked as though it hadn't been changed or even... ”

Twin Mountain Steak House  1 star(s)
“This used to be a wonderful steak house - the best in San Angelo. We ate there on Monday, June 8, 2009, to celebrate my grand-daughter's 14th birthday; there were 7 of us. The KC for 3 had absolutely no flavor and... ”

Ichiban Japanese Steak House  3 star(s)
“I have eatten at Ichibans since it opened over 20 years. At least once a week but mostly 2 times. The food was always great but since the new owners took over, the quality has fallen to the floor. The new owners cha... ”

Twin Mountain Steak House  
“I can only speak for myself and my husband, but we absolutely swear by this steak house!!! The bread was so delicious, the salad dressing was fantastic and the steak was yummy!!! I told a friend about it and she lo... ”

Ichiban Japanese Steak House  3 star(s)
“The food is good but the management is poor. The owner's wife runs the place with an iron fist and walks all over her husband. My son worked for them. He was constantly called in for other people calling in sick and... ”

International House of Pancakes  1 star(s)
“A recent visit to this chain restaurant left me feeling sick and disappointed in the usual quality of IHOP. First off the table was sticky and the seats are very worn, cracking with stuffing coming out. Service wa... ”

Packsaddle Bar-b-que  5 star(s)
“Very good food, fast service, and very friendly staff. The Owner is often seen walking thru the restaurant greeting customers and caring on casual conversation. Kid friendly and the atmosphere is wonderful with lo... ”

Twin Mountain Steak House  5 star(s)
“The food was great and the service was even better. It is the best steak in west texas.”

Ichiban Japanese Steak House  1 star(s)
“FOOD WAS GREAT. SERVICE WAS HORRIBLE! On Friday, October 17th my party had reservations at 8:30pm for a birthday celebration. Everyone was present on time but we were not seated. We were told, by the hostess, that... ”

Twin Mountain Steak House  5 star(s)
“Definitely having my Christmas party here again this year. I have my company parties here as often as I can. They now have a couple of private rooms available. Great food and will work with to make sure you get t... ”

Twin Mountain Steak House  5 star(s)
“ This happens to be my uncle's restaraunt and there's nothing wrong with it. Every restaraunt has there bad days. ”

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