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Best Restaurants in Dallas 2012 Guide

Best Restaurants in Dallas

Congratulations to the following restaurants that were voted by our diners as the Best Restaurants in Dallas for the year 2012.  Please check out our reviews to see why they were are one of the Top Rated Restaurants in Dallas. Why not voice your opinion by writing one of your own reviews!

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Best Restaurants in Dallas 2011

Top Restaurants in Dallas 2012

El Global Taqueria

Fine Dining, Breakfast
216 S Llewellyn Ave, Dallas
(214) 942-7963
5   out of 5 stars
 The food is great and their tortas are the best I have not had a better one yet. I love it there. The only problem is that when I eat there the place has a weird smell like they mop with a dirty mop or something that's why I always just do by phone o...

Ancient China

2825 Valley View Lane Suite 216, Dallas
(972) 484-3223
4   out of 5 stars
 Great food. Been going there for years. Prices are very reasonable, and you have an option as to the size of your entree. Try it!!!
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Best Restaurants in Dallas 2011 Guide