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Best Restaurants in Boston 2012 Guide

Best Restaurants in Boston

Congratulations to the following restaurants that were voted by our diners as the Best Restaurants in Boston for the year 2012.  Please check out our reviews to see why they were are one of the Top Rated Restaurants in Boston. Why not voice your opinion by writing one of your own reviews!

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Top Restaurants in Boston 2012


Italian, Casual/Family, Banquet/Party Room, Delivery
364 Hanover St, Boston
(617) 367-1123
5   out of 5 stars
 Beautiful restaurant with delicious food! To be honest, when I went to this restaurant I didn't even know where Sardinia was, much less what kind of food they ate. I had just heard good things about the place and I thought it was worth giving it a tr...

Trattoria Andiamo

104 South Street, Boston
(617) 695-3775
5   out of 5 stars
 Great pleace for lunch or a quick breakfast(one of my favorites is the sausage,egg and cheese sandwich). you always get friendly service. Have been going there for last 5 years and will continue. when you are there , you are treatd like family.

Thaitation Restaurant

Thai, Casual/Family, Catering, Delivery
129 Jersey St., Boston
(617) 585-9909
4   out of 5 stars
 This is a nice little family run Thai food restaurant with a huge selection of Thai foods. Everything is very well prepared and the whole staff is extremely friendly (as I find usually seems to be the case with Thai restaurants). I wouldn't recommen...

Pat's Trattoria

Italian, Pizzeria
429 W Broadway, Boston
(617) 268-0900
4   out of 5 stars
 Amazing buffalo chicken pizza! I love a good buffalo chicken pizza and it can be tough to find one. I'm picky about it, and a lot of places make it with too much sauce or not enough chicken, and it's very easy for it to become pretty lousy. I gave Pa...
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