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Best Restaurants in Compton 2013 Guide

Best Restaurants in Compton

Congratulations to the following restaurants that were voted by our diners as the Best Restaurants in Compton for the year 2013.  Please check out our reviews to see why they were are one of the Top Rated Restaurants in Compton. Why not voice your opinion by writing one of your own reviews!

Top Restaurants in Compton 2013

El Castillo

1944 E Rosecrans Ave, Compton
(831) 637-5377
5   out of 5 stars
 I don't know if this place still exist, but the had the best Wet Burrito on the planet earth. The other food was extremely delicious!!! They made pancakes there that were so good, they made you sad because of the loved put into those cakes had to be ...