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“We had a wonderful and delicious dinner with our friends. I recomend this place to anyone! they are all very friendly and they never rush you out of the restaurant!! We love it
“I came across this restaurant because a friend wanted to lunch here. Nice, pleasant atmosphere in Country Village, this restaurant was a complete surprise~! The food is excellent, the presentation was very good to...
“Villa Nuova is a neat addition to Mill Creek restaurants. Food is outstanding, a quiet atmosphere, an actual full glass of wine -- we'll come here often.
“Excellent food, very reasonable prices, attractive settings with attentive and friendly wait staff. As good as any Italian restaurant that I have been in. The storefront outside does not hint at what awaits you in...
“My favorite Chinese restaurant in the Bothell area. Lunch prices are great; dinner is a little expensive but its enough to feed multiple people which makes up for the cost. Food is very flavorful and a lot of di...
“Wonderful food and fantastic owners. I'd recommend thier baked salmon rolls and bento boxes. Both are very yummy.
“it was fantastic!!!!!!!
“I know jet city pizza is no Giordano's (Chicago) but I figured they would be better than little Caesars at their worst, but sadly I was mistaken. I guess pizza that is more than just a disk of baked bread is too muc...
“love the food. very friendly people. easy access from where I live.
“Love it, Love it....the best Teriyaki hole in the wall you'll find! They make their own sauce that you can buy and have the same experience of great taste at home.
“Great pizza!! Tasty sauce, good toppings and crust. Speedy delivery from the Kent store.
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