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Stampede BBQ Company

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“I went to the Stampede bbq co. And it was great. Family owned. The owner came out and asked us how was everything. Great food and prices.
“The McMinnville Izzy’s is a great find. The food is fresh and turns over fast to keep isd fresh. Their Carolina ribs and stakes are tender and mad to order. I has become one of all time favorites places to eat.
“The Taco Bell in Mcminnville is pretty clean and good service, but the prices are for some weird reason higher than others in the state or Oregon.
“This location has had service issues in the past, however, it is now under new management and the difference is noticeable. The restaurant is clean, the people are friendly, and the food is great. If you have been u...
“This is truely my favorite pizza ever! You really get what you pay for. I love you big TV.
“They have good food! It just is way more expensive than other pissa joints and is sometimes over cooked.
“Great food, great service, prices are bit high. I would like to see something done about the gnats but this isn't exclusive to the McMinnville store. We have been eating there for just a couple of months but bel...
“They have a very basd atitude towards the customers.
“AWFUL place! Smokey, dirty, and horrible service. The place is packed with low-lifes and losers. The owners are not friendly, and are working all the time.
“The pizza is amazing!!!!
“This place is amazing. GREAT atmosphere and the staff is terrific.. Will go again.
“Their Clam Chowder Bread Bowls on Friday's are amazing. I drive 30 miles just to eat them. Their bread is delicious, which makes for some tasty sandwiches too. I wish they had one closer to where I live again.
“They have a huge selection of sandwiches and there is always something new to try. The sourdough bread is amazing and I would recommend this place to anyone.
“I had not visited Ruby Tuesdays in a long time. How surprised I was to find the menu COMPLETELY changed and the prices outrageous. $9 for a burger was the cheapest thing they had. All the entrees were between $15-20...
“we ate today,nov 10 07 pizza was cold, waitress wasn't helpful. could understand, if restaurant was busy, but overall total of people at the time of service was around 6-7. need better service. . . . plus hotter piz...
“Dragon gate was one of the best resturants that I was able to experience in McMinnville. The Service is great, and the food was served very quickly. It also tasted totally Amazing. Thumbs up!
“This is one of the worst sandwich places I have ever been to. The food was disgusting and the prices were terribly high. These people don't know what they're doing.
“A very delightful experience. Would definately go back again.
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