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I couldn't disagree more with the previous reviewer. I frequent Rachels Steak House as often as I can. The food is great and resonably priced, and we always get good service. I would recommend Rachels to anyone looking for a terrific steak.
4 star(s)
my wife and i use to dine at winstons once a week. the food was fantastic but the service was a bit slow. the food hasnt been as good latley since the old chefs left.
I have not been there in a while...only to find they have moved across the street and built a brand new restaurant. What a pleasure it was to eat there and would recommend to anyone living in or passing through the area
I've never had a bad meal at this restaurant. Everything is excellent. The service is great. The restaurant is very nicely decorated and very clean.
We had always heard wonderful things about Springfield Grille. It wasn't bad... it just wasn't what we'd heard it made out to be. We probably won't be back.
I am from Pittsburgh and my cousins live in Cleveland.Because I had been to the grill above Grove city outlets, I recommended that we meet at the Springfield Grill in Boardman for dinner. (1 hour drive for each). We do this often and absolutely love our experience there. Great food, great service, n...
When entering into Rachel's, you are greeted by the most immodest looking child I have ever seen. She carries herself with no class, and thinks the less clothing she wears, the better! I am shocked that this is what the owner wants at his door. The food was extremely overpriced, and my steak was o...
it was pretty sweeeet(: they are all really nice and the chicken is good :D
To the person from Hubbard who had a bad experience. Who complains of getting their food too early!!! Is there such a thing?
A true dining experience. Really enjoy this place. Have dined here at least 60 times in the last 2 years. Only one bad dish- the house salad had too much vinegar. Two complementary tickets appeared before the end of dinner with a visit from the owner. Very nice place and the lunch menu is a steal!
A local treasure! I have never been disappointed whether it's a luncheon or dinner experience.
Anthony's on the River in downtown Youngstown is the best dining experience I have had in the tri-county region. The food is consistently good. Whether your in the mood for chicken,pork, or beef they serve the best. I enjoyed the charred rib eye steak which melted in my mouth. Excellent food and ser...
love love love the hazelnut chicken. have never had a bad meal here. would highly recommend it.
I think that Luciannos is a wonderful place to eat and have wonderful conversations with everyone around! They have amazing Italian Cuisine and the portions are more than reasonable along with their prices.
This establishment, in my opinion, hands down has the best overall service, quality and atmoshpere of any restaraunt in the Mahoning Valley. The prices vs. food quality is unmatched. Why would I spend the same $$ at Outback or Applebees on a mediocre Fillet, when the price at Springfield is equa...
I have been to many restaurants in many states, and this is by far the best restaurant I have ever dined in. I am a regular customer!
This was the worst dining experience my husband and I have ever had. We were not even halfway through our salad when our dinners arrived, 15 minutes too early, then having to waituntil our waitress finally brought them back as they had been sitting under a warming light that whole time, drying medal...
The food is great, cudos to the owners for the smoke free atmosphere. Friendly folks.
it was amazing great service
The food is not that great and they still allow smoking despite the new law.