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“everything was great and order was and is always right
“The food is excellent-always cooked to our specification with no complaints about it. We are always greeted with a smile and great service. For a small restaurant, a wide variety of foods are offered and they serve ...
“I go to this place once in while because its close, the veggies seem to be fresh (most of the time)and its cheap. I have to say that most of the time my order is wrong. It has happened so much that its just sad.
“Friday Aug 7, 2009 I ordered a large bowl of pintos with 1 teaspoon slaw/tiny bit of onions and a piece of cornbread. Charged me for a whole order of slaw and no cornbread. That will make you not come back. The wait...
“Love the new web site w/ the menu. makes it easier to call order in. Honey Dijon chicken is the best.
“Had a very good lunch. Jennifer was a very good server. Some of the waitress's are not as friendly but she was very attentive.
“We had Treva as our waitress and she is awesome. Made our dinig experience wonderful!!!
“Personally I love this quaint little restaurant. I've never had anyone standing over my shoulder while I eat and I suppose that I'm secure enough that I am not easily intimidated. The food has always been good and...
“The prices have really increased in the past year and a half. It's really disappointing to have the manager constantly run around looking over you shoulder as you are eating. Some of the waitstaff are great servers ...
“Best hot dogs I've ever had. Sweet slaw and perfect chili for dogs.
“They are very RUDE to the people that come in there. takes TOO long to get food and most of the time it is NOT right
“the best country food in the country. from order to arriving at your table is minutes.
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