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“I have not enjoyed dining in any restaurant as much as I did this evening. From the moment I entered the door. Very welcoming & fabulous food. A true treasured experience.
“Actually I was looking forward to having a nice lobster dinner , but to my surprise no lobster . Really no lobster, I find it hard to believe that a restaurant, I thought of its popularity would certainly make sure...
“Everything was very tastey and the service was excellent with great attention to detail.
“Best dairy queen I've been too you should try it. Why are you still sitting there go get some DQ:)!!!!!
“I have a 10.00 gift card there is no expire date on it how can I tell if it is still good? Thanks
“great lunch specials. authentic mexican food.
“My wife and I make a point of having dinner in this restaurant at least once a month, so that she can have trippa and I can have grilled calamari, two authentic Italian dishes not all that easily found in restaurant...
“Hatchy's is a great establishment. All the staff and owners have been very friendly to me. Their food is really good for a bar and the restroom was very clean. Kim
“They have bands there but Hatchy's never advertises like others do so we have to go on JV website. What a shame. They could get more people if they wanted too. It must be the management.
“You know when you are a kid and you have some sort of good food for the first time and it becomes the bench mark for all other places you go? Well, that is San Pan for me. Since the age of 13 I’ve been going to this...
“Hatchey's would be a great place to go, if they got rid of the manager. It's too bad that one extremely poor employee can ruin the reputation of an establishment.
“great Mexican food good service decent pricing try it you will like it large portions.
“OMG. I love this place. You won't be sorry.
“My husband is 100% Italian and his mother was a terrific cook. Since she passed away we've all missed her Sunday feasts. DaFrancesco's is the nearest thing we've found to replace Ma's meals. The chicken marsalla a...
“Very good food but the service is not what it should be. Waitstaff not properly trained or fully knowledgeable about menu items, doesn't check back often enough to resupply coffee, cream, butter, etc. And, seem disi...
“The finest home made Italian food in Macomb county. The sauces are fabulous and get the arancini rice balls as appetizer. they are the best.
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