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“when I eat the crust of the pizza with the same gusto I did the cheese and pepperoni.......folks this is good's excellent, the very best in the area.
“Corrados is my all time favorite sub shop. I now live in Arizona and make an annual pilgrimage to savor Lou's subs. Of course I claim that I am visiting the grandchildren, but you know better. This is nothing fan...
“Very high quality food.
“Excellent seafood! A little pricy bu a great atmosphere!
“Their subs are excellent! Their bread is excellent! Their prices are a little high (around $10-12 for 2 people-for sandwiches!) but sometimes you have to pay a little more for yummyness! I don't usually eat in, b...
“The food is excellent, however, our waitress ignored us. After waiting about 45 minutes, we were seated and nobody came to us, and we were starving! Eventually our waitress took our order, and delivered our food, ...
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