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Koffee Klatch

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“Great place! Our favorite in Fairfax.
“Wow the food was so good just like I was in North Beach. The home made gnocchi was the best every. I also had the hanger steak OMG so good.And the house wine from Napa Valley was to die for.
“I have eaten there since i was little. They have great food, the people who work there are really nice. I have lived in Fairfax,Ca. all my life. I knew the owners that had the restaurant before.
“Koffee Klatch is a wonderful place for breakfast. It's not a very big restaurant but what they lack in space, they make up in great food and friendly atmosphere. A great place to start your day. They are located ...
“The pizza was great, I especially liked the dough. The employees were friendly and very helpful. This is what I call "gourmet pizza"!!!
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