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“Friends and I have eaten there for years and we love it in all respects. The lamb is delicious, the predinner rolls to die for. We do not go there for an epicurean repast.
“Terrific little hide away, nestled behind MacDonalds.
“I went here twice. Once in 2004 while staying with friends who raved about this place. The food then was horrible and the service lousy - felt like I was in upstate New York and someone was trying to get home. I ...
“ugh. that place is bad. i went there and they had the worst service. the raspado was wwayyyy to sweet. and over priced. i def. never going there
“I was a regular customer of this place for about five years until I was treated rudely by a waitress and a hostess. I went for lunch with a friend and ordered their oriental chicken salad which is really enough food...
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