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“Food and Service is second to none. They have the best home made food in town!
“Love the sushi, so yummy and good value. Would eat there 5 days a week if they had better hours. Every time I have an afternoon craving they're not open!
“The best sushi I have ever had. The serving size, the taste, quality, etc is outstanding. They always have great service as well.
“The best sushi place I have EVER been to by far. I always leave completely satisfied. The sushi proportions are huge that you get way more than you pay for.
“frosty machines always down. long drive through wait time. fries are always cold. burgers are slapped together and are disgusting
“The Sushi at Sushi Miso is EXCELLENT. They have a good selection of sashimi, nigiri sushi, and maki rolls. The service is terrific for both dine in and take out. You might want to call ahead as sometimes they are n...
“Delicious sushi and fast service. Sushimi pieces are quite large so bring an appetite if you plan on ordering sushimi.
“Fantastic and fast service!
“Sushi lacks the authentic taste
“Great food but they need rennovations.
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