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Mediterranean Cafe
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(504) 218-8230

845 North Carrolton Ave, New Orleans, LA 70119

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Moroccan cuisine holds within its taste the history of the country itself. Influenced by widely divergent cultures, from its native Berbers to nearby Turkish and Middle Eastern practices and people, Moroccan cuisine draws not only on outside cultural impact but also a wealth of traditions and tastes from the multi-faceted North African region it lies in. The cuisine fully represents the pride, personality, and diversity of the people of Morocco who hold deeply rooted attachments to their country as well as its cuisine.It is our belief that four things are necessary for a nation to develop its own truly great cuisine. First, the nation must be abundant in fine and fresh ingredients grown and cultivated in its incredible rich land. Next, a variety of outside cultural influences must have affected the history of the nation through domination and exploration: the country must have learned not only from its own inhabitance but from its imperialist adventures as well. Third, the nation must have its day in the sun: the cuisine will reflect a nation whose greatness has already been realized. Las, but not least, the nation must have a cultivated court full of demands which push its people to challenge themselves, in culinary endeavors and in every other aspect of society. In every way, Morocco has been blessed with these four qualities, which reflect in its cuisine, and its out honor to share with you the Moroccan dining experience.We invite you into our "Isle of the setting Sun", Mediterranean Cafe. Our dishes are a genuine glimpse into the past of the region, and reflect the center point of our culture, society and family in Morocco. Taste and enjoy the Tale of a Dynasty!

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