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Lazy Oaf Lounge

(608) 441-0370

1617 N. Stoughton Road, Madison, WI 53704

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Sports Bar and Grill
This is a friendly place with wonderful sandwich comginations. When we are in Madison, this is our stop.
Sports Bar and Grill
Eight Seasons Grille is a great place to go for some awesome food, killer atmosphere and great service. Super convenient location and reasonable price.
Sports Bar and Grill
can never get any food. the bar tender is too busy talking with friends. the service is horrible and i will never be back.
Sports Bar and Grill
to breathE is overrated. Awesome bar. Made even better because it chases off the non-smoking whiners.
Sports Bar and Grill
Alt'n Bach's Town Tap is one of my favorite places to eat in Madison! The food is hometown favorites and very good. The prices are awesome and the place is comfortable and relaxing. The interior has just recently been re-done and it looks great!

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