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2311 W North Ave, Chicago, IL 60647

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Dining Specials

Masala Indian & Thai Cuisine
Indian, Mediterranean, Thai, Vegetarian
Salad House
Vegetarian, Deli/Sandwich/Subs

Restaurant Description

Fun Bohemian type restaurant serving mostly Colombian food. Nice patio with hamocks and a

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Indian, Pakistani, Vegetarian
Ethiopian, Vegetarian

Reviews of Similar Restaurants

Contemporary, Vegan, Brewery/Pub/Tavern, Bar
If you want to eat different delicious food, you must go to this restaurant. The food is so delicious and amazing. The restaurant serves raw foods! I have never eaten raw or vegan foods, but I like them so much. This place is very cute and the food i ...
Contemporary, Vegan, Brewery/Pub/Tavern, Bar
the best food in the world
Contemporary, Vegan, Brewery/Pub/Tavern, Bar
The Chicago Diner is absolutely one of the very best vegetarian restaurants in the Chicagoland area. Their menu is varied and their vegan desserts are absolutely wonderful. The cuisine at the Diner is mostly vegetarian (and vegan) adaptations of ...
Contemporary, Vegan, Brewery/Pub/Tavern, Bar
Last night I was at the restaurant. Everything was wonderful. I'm glad to learn that dishes at a raw restaurant can taste good! The employees were very nice and the decor was well done. I generally don't like raw food, but I gave this place a try an ...
Contemporary, Vegan, Brewery/Pub/Tavern, Bar
Not exactly the best place for a family with younger children, but great for a group of friends to hang out. Equipped with a full bar and your choice of outdoor or indoor dining, this would be a wonderful place to host a party. The price range is gre ...

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