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Boca Grande
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(201) 626-6646

564 Washington Blvd., Jersey City, NJ 07097

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Mexican Food & Culture History

Restaurant Description

Are you looking for Mexican cuisine that doesn't require a trip south of theborder? Look no further. Ole Mexifunk Cocina brings the hospitality andspecialty cuisine of Mexico to the heart of Jersey City.

There is something about authentic Mexican cuisine that gets the taste budsgoing and lets the appetite run wild. Ole Mexifunk Cocina offers diners warmhospitality and mouth-watering cuisine that will not easily be forgotten.Bring your family and friends, pull up a chair, indulge in a tasty Margaritaand catch up after a long week at the office. No matter what the occasioncalls for or your appetite demands, the friendly staff at Ole Mexifunk Cocinawon't let you leave without a smile on your face. The menu features classicfavorites and modern adaptations to a culinary tradition that has madeMexico a favorite culinary destination.

Whether you're looking for a safe haven from the fast food chains of Americaor in need of a meal that will tempt your cravings, Ole Mexifunk Cocina willnot let you leave unsatisfied.

Pleasant dining and superb Mexican cuisine.

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The restaurant has a seemingly South American ambience/theme with its tapestries and decorations. If you like a cross between Thai and French food, Iron Monkey is the way to go. The menu is just a few items long but consists of the traditional 3-4 ...
The food is great and for what you pay, you get a whole lot to eat. I had to take home half the meal becaue I was about to burst. The overall service is good and the Diner is clean. They are currently trying to fix the place up as it is 70 years old ...
I am a big fan of the Iron Monkey. I have been going there for years. What I really like about them is their new beer lineup. I enjoy their rooftop a lot. Music selection is slammin. I am still waiting for Automata Chino to open up. Its not really a ...

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