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Best Restaurants in Louisville 2013 Guide

Best Restaurants in Louisville

Congratulations to the following restaurants that were voted by our diners as the Best Restaurants in Louisville for the year 2013.  Please check out our reviews to see why they were are one of the Top Rated Restaurants in Louisville. Why not voice your opinion by writing one of your own reviews!

Top rated restaurant guides in Louisville:

Best Restaurants in Louisville 2012

Top Restaurants in Louisville 2013


Barley's Bar & Grill

American, Sports Bar and Grill, Casual/Family, Banquet/Party Room
7302 1/2 Grade Lane, Louisville
(502) 380-1965
5   out of 5 stars
 Well I've heard all the talk about Barleys at work for four years. Never went in there till yesterday. My loss. I passed it every day, and just never took time to stop, but I will from now on. Coldest beer and 50 cent pool tables. I felt comfortable ...

Moby Dick Seafood Restaurant

1500 Mellwood Ave, Louisville
(502) 772-3540
5   out of 5 stars
 The Mellwood Ave location is very much open and in business the store hours are Monday thru Thursday from 11am to 7 pm...Fridays 10:30 til 8pm and they are open til 9pm on Fridays during Lent....and Saturdays from 11:30 til 7...they are closed on Sun...

The Cafe

American, Casual/Family, Deli/Sandwich/Subs, Catering
712 Brent St, Louisville
(502) 589-9191
5   out of 5 stars
 Ate there with some friends about a month ago. Couldn't wait to go back, so today going with another group of friends. Best benedictine sandwich and tomato dill soup I ever ate.

Jumbo Buffet

2731 South Hurstbourne Parkway, Louisville
(502) 495-0028
4   out of 5 stars
 Living in NYC most of my life, unless you go to an authentic China Town in a big city, you will never find GOOD chinese food. Especially in KY. Jumbo offers some of the better chinese I'v tasted here in KY. For the price, its a great value. Sunday...

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