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3.8 stars (15 ratings)

Topeka Steak House

(785) 379-9994
526 Southeast Dupont Road, Tecumseh, KS 66542 | MAP
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Steak House


Recent Topeka Steak House Reviews

A diner from Topeka gave an overall rating of 4  out of 5 stars on October 23, 2010 @ 4:02 PM

 We LOVE Topeka Steakhouse!!! It's hard not to go there every Wednesday and Thursday night...their fried chicken and chicken fried steaks are the BEST EVER. I read everyone else's reviews and laughed about the salad and roll comments. We don't go there for the salads or rolls, but rather for the main course. No, the "ambience" is not snooty or fancy, but is filled with character...and that often does not mean a place is spic & span. It's an old place and always busy (lots of the geriatric set). The friendly owner is always there to quietly nod and smile to greet you when you come in. So much better than the super-fake cheeriness at some of the big chains, if you ask me. The waitresses are always so busy and harried, but very friendly and work hard to please,so if I were asked about one thing that could be changed it would probably be to hire more of them!
By the way, I rarely see kids there but they do often have a clown walking around making balloon sculptures. I am always afraid he will stop at our table (I HATE the way those balloons squeak when they're being twisted) but we keep our eyes down and he has never bothered us.
So, if you can overlook the old-time salad served in a melmac bowl (with GREAT dressing) and cold store-bought rolls, you will enjoy a fabulous main course in a non-pretentious place that makes no apologies for what it is.
A diner from North Topeka Kansas gave an overall rating of 4  out of 5 stars on April 21, 2010 @ 4:22 PM

 When they make the steak right which is most the time it is the best steak around! Worth what you pay! They melt in your mouth they are soooo tender! Love Topeka Steakhouse Steaks! YUMMY!
AND don't forget the delicious gravy and fries! I can't stand it! Have to go there tonight!

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