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Circle G Restaurant5 star(s)

 Love this restaurant. when we visit Poth we have most of our meals at Circle G. The food is great-I especially love breakfast. Their breakfast tacos are superb. we stay at LEAST two hours drinking coffee, chatting with friends and enjoying the conversation with the owners. These are wonderful, respectable people that we have grown to love. For lunch we dine on Mexican chalupas-they are loaded with all these delicious things like beans, meat,lettuce tomato and guacamole. All these ingredients are resting a top of a well toasted (browned) flour tortilla. I wish I had one now. yum! They serve fish, steaks mouth watering "homemade hamburgers". If you have not visited-you are missing some great meals.There is no charge for coff...

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Circle G Restaurant  5 star(s)
“The town isn't very big at all, I myself visit for family, and having this diner in the town makes for a perfect time. The food is great, the service and friendliness is perfect. Highly recommend visiting if passing... ”

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