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Casa Too Mucha, New Hartford

Phoenician Restaurant, New Hartford

Zebbs Deluxe Grill & Bar, New Hartford

Cavallo's Tom Restaurant & Banquet Facil, New Hartford

Canal View Cafe, Sylvan Beach

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Zebbs Deluxe Grill & Bar4 star(s)

 This restaurant needs help. The quality of the food is good, but the prices are too high. How about adding a salad to the dinners like you use to? Otherwise, not a bad restaurant, Judy was an excellent server who has been there for years.

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Recent New Hartford Restaurant Guide Reviews

Casa Too Mucha  4 star(s)
“I have been eating at the Casa for almost 30 years, since it was an incubator enterprise across the street. For other reviews to compare this restaurant to Taco Bell is intellectually dishonest. Casa has always prov... ”

Casa Too Mucha  4 star(s)

Casa Too Mucha  5 star(s)
“Love, Love, Love”

Casa Too Mucha  1 star(s)
“After living in the SW for the past decade I have been wanting authentic Mexican ever since I moved here 3-months ago. This place is about as "authentic" to Mexican as Pizza Hut is authentic Italian. Mexican food... ”

Casa Too Mucha  1 star(s)
“Casa Too Mucha: They never wash their hands, everything is microwaved, and I mean everything. Rodent infestation is great, they don't wash their dishes, no sanitizer, just leave their dishes to soak in sink, and spr... ”

Cavallo's Tom Restaurant & Banquet Facil  2 star(s)
“Most over rated wings ever, not that good. Dry clams and awful service. I had a bug in my food and asked for the manager and the sent out a bus boy. Do not waist your time”

Casa Too Mucha  4 star(s)
“I have eaten at Casa many times. I always have a wonderful meal, and the staff are excellent. I highly recommend this restaurant”

Cavallo's Tom Restaurant & Banquet Facil  1 star(s)
“This was a horrible restaurant. The waiter was extremely rude, and he barked at me. I protested to the manager, who didn't care. I am never coming to this place again.”

Casa Too Mucha  3 star(s)
“Blecch. I ordered the haddock stuffed with crab, and the waiter brought me some chicken dish. I asked him if he was sure he brought me the right food, and he reassured me that whatever he brought me was stuffed wi... ”

Casa Too Mucha  2 star(s)
“Casa Too Mucha. My date and I ordered Fajitas, what came back to us was Chicken Strips with a side of sliced red peppers. It tasted like a combination b/t sweet and sour chicken and a bland stir fry. I told the w... ”

Casa Too Mucha  5 star(s)
“everything was good. somtime a little crowded but i guess that just mnes its populare. the food and service was great and it was very kid friendly. i loved it!!”

Casa Too Mucha  5 star(s)
“Casa was such a warm and wonderful experience. there chimigungas are the best!! and the fish frys are to die for!! and the service is very fast and it was a very good and inexpersive way to go. and my son (who is 3... ”

Zebbs Deluxe Grill & Bar  5 star(s)
“Great food and large portoins make Zebbs a great place to eat. Will always be highly recomaneded by me!”

Casa Too Mucha  4 star(s)
“Best Fish fry in town! Try the Japenese!”

Phoenician Restaurant  4 star(s)
“Great food! Dinners are wonderful w/delicious Taboulee. The Shrimp Areydess is a good choice if you aren't sure what to order... it's shrimp in a nice butter sauce w/spices served over rice pilaf. The lunch buffet i... ”

Casa Too Mucha  5 star(s)
“Love it ! Dine often and choose Casa often”

Cavallo's Tom Restaurant & Banquet Facil  4 star(s)
“Excellent beer selection and quite possibly the best checken wings ever! Very good daily special offerings as well.”

Phoenician Restaurant  4 star(s)
“We all love this place, the kebab is juicy and tender, and we recommend the falafel. Eating sheep is good for you.”

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