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Yadkinville Restaurant Guide & Dining Reviews

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German Family Restaurant5 star(s)

 The comments above are pretty harsh, and I cannot say they are unwarranted since I was not with those groups. However, my party of six ate at the German Family Restaurant on May 3, 2013. It was a return visit for one of the couples. We arrived at about 6:15 and closed the place down at about 8:45. All of us had been to Germany frequently; my wife and I lived in Schweinfurt for three years and spent many a weekend at one gasthaus or another in that general area, in the city and in surrounding towns and villages. Anyway, all six of us were very pleased. As I recall, the quality of German food varied from place to place, just as it does in the U.S. Losers in Germany; losers in U.S. Winners in both. In this case, I had the Jaeger Schn...

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German Family Restaurant  5 star(s)
“My wife & I selected this restaurant for our 38th anniversary dinner. We spent 3 years in Germany and loved the food there. Unfortunately, good authentic German food is difficult to find in the US. So when a friend ... ”

German Family Restaurant  3 star(s)
“This restaurant was just ok. I was expecting much better. I could fry a tenderloin at home and top some noodles with dill. The waiter was not helpful and the food was mediocre. The salad was very good though.”

German Family Restaurant  5 star(s)
“My husband and I moved to Lewisville from California four years. He is German and we have both missed eating at a good German restaurant. A friend told us about the German Restaurant in Yadkinville and how delici... ”

Mcdonald's  4 star(s)
“great place to be apart of great food great employs and fine owners ones who look out for their employees staff fellow business people and the schools the go above and beyond to make it a greater McdONALDS EVERYDAY”

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