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Johns Pizza Pasta & Ice Cream5 star(s)

 Johns Pizza-Pasta & Ice Cream is by far, the best eatery in Ridgecrest California. The service is incredible, the people are always nice, the food is delicious(i recomend the ravioli), the dishes are always clean, and the overall look of the place is amazing! in the back, they have an arcade room called the Fun-Factory, its incredibly fun for kids of all ages! I highly recomend this place to anyone stopping by our town. 5 stars.

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Recent Ridgecrest Restaurant Guide Reviews

Nickolettis  2 star(s)
“Nick has ruined John's Pizza in favor of this establishment. When it was in the original location it was on par with small town dining. Now that it has moved to the new location the food and service quality has go... ”

Nickolettis  3 star(s)
“The food is always good. The service is going downhill, and I would never have rated it outstanding at any time in its history (I've lived in Ridgecrest all my life). Cleanliness is also going downhill, not a good t... ”

Little Caesars Pizza  5 star(s)
“I love Little Ceasers Pizza! You can't go wrong with their awesome prices and delicious food! While this is not a sit-down restaurant like John's or Nickoletti's, it is easily some of the best pizza in town.”

China Garden  5 star(s)
“the best chinese cuisine. they really know how to cook the authentic way, friendly service and the portion was great.”

Texas Cattle Co  3 star(s)
“Average for a small town”

Nickolettis  5 star(s)
“My Nickoletti's experience was amazing. The atmosphere was friendly, in a small town way. The food was amazing and I would personally recomend the calzone. The menu is packed with great,inexpensive food. The restaur... ”

Casa Corona  5 star(s)
“This restaurant serves great Mexican cuisine and has good service...”

Golden Dragon  5 star(s)
“This restaurant is has exceptionally excellent food. The great Chinease cuisine served at this restaurant is very fresh tasting, and is served very quickly to your table. You will not go wrong eating at this restaur... ”

Texas Cattle Co  
“This was the worse service I have ever received. The waitress through my salad on the table and did not pay any attention other than bringing food. The food was cold by the time we got it and the meat tasted bland... ”

Golden Dragon  5 star(s)
“Dear Nancy & David, I always love the food. It's perfect and thank you for letting me work with you...I miss you all specially Annie & Kevin”

Bangkok House Restaurant  
“John if you still remember me. I always love your food specially meat ball soup. I went there about 4 yrs ago but i still can remember the taste. I miss it so much. Specially Fat you all”

Texas Cattle Co  5 star(s)

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