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Sun City West Restaurant Guide & Dining Reviews

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Rosie's Italian Cafe5 star(s)

 This Italian Cafe is a wonderful find. The food and service are exceptional. The wait staff is extremely attentive. Starting with one of the excellent home made soups or huge salads, you won't be disappointed. I have NEVER tasted a better bruschetta then at Rosie's. The bread is done to perfection and the toppings are outstanding. The pizza is very good with a nice tender crispy crust. Rosie's pastas, sandwiches and other Italian dishes can't be beat. We will definitely be back here the next time we're in town. Don't miss it and I'd recommend a reservation if ging on a week end. The word is getting out about the fine food here and it's getting busy.

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Rosie's Italian Cafe  5 star(s)
“For those of us who savor a never disappointing meal in a quiet environment, where the staff is glad to see you, this is the place. Good food, good price, good staff, you rock Rosie.”

Rosie's Italian Cafe  5 star(s)
“i am oscar”

Hole 'n One  5 star(s)
“We enjoy the Hole In One for a casual night of dining. Their homemade soup is great. Nightly specials are very nice, and we had some of our favorite loin pork roast which looked like it was roasted on a skewer. T... ”

Rosie's Italian Cafe  4 star(s)
“WOW! what outstanding authentic Southern Italian (Sicilian Cuisine) Being of American Italian desent myself and knowing good food this is the place! Pizza is the thin crust Chicago Style.Though I personally prefer... ”

Rosie's Italian Cafe  1 star(s)
“pizza crust too hard...could not cut with knife...sent 75% back to owner who ignored us...guess they know we won't be going back”

Hole 'n One  5 star(s)
“food was really great! nice little place to go for daily coffee or meals. great place to go to catch up with latest news with all the coffee drinkers. Marty is fair, and will help you in any situation concerning you... ”

Hole 'n One  5 star(s)
“Food and service is great.”

Hole 'n One  2 star(s)
“Not terrific, or anything near.”

Rosie's Italian Cafe  5 star(s)

Rosie's Italian Cafe  1 star(s)
“Seems to be a local favorite, but the staff and atmosphere seem to be selective! The staff seems to be friendly to "regulars" but not much interest in visitors!”

Rosie's Italian Cafe  1 star(s)
“Food and service were about the same not so good pizza was very bar service could have been better”

Hole 'n One  5 star(s)
“amazing that's all I have to say!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Hole 'n One  
“Let me say that Denny's on a bad dad has better food and service than hole n one. Save your self the trip and cook at home, a microwave waffle would be better. The owner Marty Troub was disrespectful and insisted w... ”

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