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Naples Spaghetti House, Steubenville

Ville Restaurant & Bar, Steubenville

Yorgos Gyros Potatoes, Steubenville

Dicarlo's Original Drive Inn Pizza, Steubenville

Hu Nan Chinese Restaurant, Steubenville

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Dicarlo's Original Drive Inn Pizza5 star(s)

 This is the best pizza you can get locally, LOVE IT!! Its rather cheap (80 cents a slice) you do not eat inside, you either eat it in the car or at home, very flavorful and excellent!!!!

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Recent Steubenville Restaurant Guide Reviews

Naples Spaghetti House  5 star(s)
“best soups around and hommade bread, great for large parties, authentic italian even the italians eat here at lunch. best place to eat if visiting the college. very inexpensive for the awesome quality.”

Ville Restaurant & Bar  5 star(s)
“awesome for teens and up, good for groups, had awesome seafood alfredo best ever had, where i always meet friends when return home. is dark, always wait time is long for a table and for food to arrive- make sure get... ”

Naples Spaghetti House  5 star(s)
“I grew up in Steubenville and we always went to Naples while attending Big Red. Their meatsauce heels were the best. I now live in North Carolina. My family and I just celebrated my 50th birthday at Naples. Wow!!... ”

Naples Spaghetti House  3 star(s)
“Food is absolutely great but the services is absolutely horrible. Suggest ordering takeout rather than dining in!”

Naples Spaghetti House  5 star(s)
“The food is excellent. Thre prices are great. You get so much food you can feed two people with one serving. The service is tremendous. This little restaurant is about an hour from home but I will be going there to ... ”

Naples Spaghetti House  5 star(s)
“the best spaghetti i have ever ate. the people are great! you get your money's worth.”

Naples Spaghetti House  5 star(s)
“Recently had dinner with Deana Martin at Naples and LOVED IT! The food was great! The service was wonderful! Tried Pasta Fagioli for the first time and it was to die for! Also, had the chocolate chip cannoli and... ”

Naples Spaghetti House  5 star(s)
“i grew up in the ville and naples was always a favorite along with capri and dicarlos of course! wow it doesnt get any better than naples and i miss it dearly. havent been back to the valley for 9 years and miss t... ”

Naples Spaghetti House  5 star(s)
“Found out about naples looking on line for places to eat in that area....WOW! I now have a favorite place to eat while motorcycling along the ohio river byways in eastern ohio. This place is as good as it gets .”

Naples Spaghetti House  5 star(s)
“Food and service was great. Salad was better than typical at a place like this. Try the house salad dressing. I left my credit card and the server took the initiative to call hotels until she found the one where I w... ”

Naples Spaghetti House  5 star(s)
“Food and service was great. Try the house salad dressing.”

Froehlich's Riverboat Room  2 star(s)
“Nice restaurant inside by appearance, Food was horribly overcooked however, but seemed like it would have been good if prepared properly. Also it was way understaffed for such a large place so we waited for everythi... ”

Hu Nan Chinese Restaurant  5 star(s)
“Alice (the owner) is very friendly The absolute best chinese food around! Very authentic ! We travel a lot and have yet to find even comparable chinese food Definately reccomend the hot and sour soup!”

Naples Spaghetti House  5 star(s)
“We ate there during the Dean Martin Festival and had a wonderful time. The staff was friendly and the food delicious. The fact that Dean Martin had eaten there as a child added to the ambiance. Going back very so... ”

Naples Spaghetti House  5 star(s)
“Naples!!! A Stuebenville classic!!The only reason to come downtown!!When I was a a child, my mother took us here, to have a meatball heal, and we sat in the same spot everytime, to this day, we still sit in the same... ”

Yorgos Gyros Potatoes  5 star(s)
“Yorgos is a great place to eat. The food is excellent. The place is super clean. The staff is very friendly. This reminds me of the old time Steubenville.”

Naples Spaghetti House  5 star(s)
“I have been visiting Steubenville for many years, but never heard of Naples until recently when visiting our college daughter and doing a campus visit with a younger daughter. I offered to take them to dinner and th... ”

Naples Spaghetti House  5 star(s)
“I grew up in Steubenville, and left for the military in 1978. In my 26 year military career, I have literally been all over the world and sampled many of the different foods they have to offer, and I can honestly s... ”

Naples Spaghetti House  5 star(s)
“I love Naples. I ate there almost every day when I attended Big Red in the early 80's. The food was always great and very affordable. Even for a high school student. I tell people to eat there if they are ever in... ”

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