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Ole South Barbeque, Owensboro

Reds Fish House, Owensboro

Old Hickory Pit Bar-b-q, Owensboro

Brothers Una Pizza, Owensboro

Lee's Famous Recipe Chicken, Owensboro

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Ole South Barbeque5 star(s)

 I live in Owensboro and if I want great burgoo and ribs I always go to Old South. I have had bbq from all the main bbq restaurants and theirs is the best in both categories. I also take a turkey to them for Thanksgiving and for Christmas for them to smoke for me and I have never been disappointed. Although they do not have the capacity of Moonlite or the choices on the buffet I enjoy their ambience a whole lot more. Friendly personal service instead of feeling like I am on a conveyor belt.

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Recent Owensboro Restaurant Guide Reviews

Old Hickory Pit Bar-b-q  5 star(s)
“Pork ribs, mutton, burgoo, potato salad, pickles & onions. Being from Owensboro I have a few choices for local style BBQ, but Old Hickory is where I always go. There is a certain restaurant in town that has be... ”

Ole South Barbeque  5 star(s)
“Great family restaurant! Kids eat free on Wednesday nights! My family loves it! By far a better bang for your buck than Moonlite!!”

Reds Fish House  5 star(s)
“This place has amazing food. Best cat fish in Owensboro. And if your looking for the unique THIS IS IT!! huge fish ( tilopia salmon trout tuna catfish) selection as well as a large seafood selection, But the only ca... ”

Frankies Sports Bar And Games Inc  5 star(s)
“You have to try the club sandwich, it is the best! The hamburgers are pretty awsome too. If the music is too loud you are apperantly getting old. Try moving. ITS A BAR IT IS GOING TO BE LOUD!We just live a few bloc... ”

Frankies Sports Bar And Games Inc  
“The music at Frankie's Sports Bar on Burlew Blvd. is way too loud. 5 nights a week I can't get to sleep until after 1:30 a.m. This is killing my rest. Please do something to help our neighborhood. I can't underst... ”

Ole South Barbeque  5 star(s)
“Great BBQ ribs; would rival ribs from Memphis! I should know as a former Memphian.”

Ole South Barbeque  5 star(s)
“Under new owners, Jason and Mitzi Shuler, the restaurant is becoming a major player in the bbq business of Owensboro. Moonlite and Old Hickory may have the name, but Ole South has the food that is just as good or b... ”

Old Hickory Pit Bar-b-q  5 star(s)
“Best barbeque I have ever had. Very reasonably priced”

Cadillac Restaurant and Grecian Pizza  5 star(s)
“You are the best restaurant in the whole world!”

Brothers Una Pizza  5 star(s)
“Best pizza in kentucky, hands down. Good luck eating more than two slices of the chicago style...its huge.”

Brothers Una Pizza  5 star(s)
“The Bros has a great Cold Chicken Salad. That's what I order every time I go there. My family loves the pizza. The Chicago style is AWESOME ! My family says the thin crust taste like cracker though. They could use m... ”

Lee's Famous Recipe Chicken  1 star(s)
“This had to be the most awful meal I ever got. The potatoes were so thin I could not use a fork I had to drink it from the cup. It was as thin as gravy. The chicken was so hard I think it had been under a heat la... ”

Old Hickory Pit Bar-b-q  5 star(s)
“I also grew up in Owensboro and first ate at Old Hickory about 40 years ago when it was located across the street from it's current location. I live in Montgomery, AL now but also love to stop by Old Hickory every ... ”

Moonlite Bar B Q Inn  3 star(s)
“it's good but old hickory is the best”

Lee's Famous Recipe Chicken  1 star(s)
“I just visited the drive-thru at Lee's in Granite City, IL. Have been there before with no problems. Ordered Liver combo. Livers looked and tasted like they had been soaked in oil and maybe cooked for 30 secon... ”

Lee's Famous Recipe Chicken  1 star(s)
“I have never had a worse food experance in my life! IN Chilliwack B.C. I asked if i could have a wing meal and i asked if thay could add a little hot with the sweet tangysauce and thay sead that thay would not. then... ”

Lee's Famous Recipe Chicken  5 star(s)
“I have had the pleasure of working at a place close to Lee's now for about a year. Some Co-Workers and I usually go to Lee's about 2-3 times a week. The service is excelent and the food is even better. The chicke... ”

Lee's Famous Recipe Chicken  5 star(s)
“Best chicken strips for the best price. Always ready always fresh always hot always great tasting.”

Lee's Famous Recipe Chicken  5 star(s)
“I Love this restaurant it has great food and great service, And there was a girl down there that was so nice. She had a bandana on thats all I can really remember she was soo sweet she took care of our plates and ev... ”

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