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Taco Palenque, Laredo

Delcy's, Laredo

Rositas Restaurant, Laredo

La Finca Cafe, Laredo

Favaratos Restaurant & Lounge, Laredo

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Pizza Hut5 star(s)

 On the service to be honest at first I was kind of upset because I saw the salad bar empty and it was kind of messy but in less than 10 minutes this place was super clean. The service was great not to mention the waiter checking on us every 5 to 10 minutes to see if we needed anything. They sell this great buffalo wing which are awesome! I strongly recommend it to everybody and they gave me a number to call the district managers if I had to complain about the service. The manager Ms Michelle apologize and she gave me the distric manager number if I felt I had to compalin about her to management. To be honest they did a great service and I was having a bad day. I was upset at everybody and everything and I am the one who need to ap...

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Recent Laredo Restaurant Guide Reviews

La Finca Cafe  4 star(s)
“Very good mexican food! The service is great, and the ambiance aswell!”

Taco Palenque  5 star(s)
“Loved The Food!”

Pizza Hut  1 star(s)
“As far as service goes, this is the worst pizza hut I have ever been to/ordered from. Extremely rude manager - she changes if someone acts just as rude to her inefficient employees”

China Border  

Delcy's  5 star(s)
“The mexican enchiladas are great. It is in a house, so the atmosphere is friendly and comfortable.”

Favaratos Restaurant & Lounge  4 star(s)
“i thought the new fava's was awesome !! the kids were restless- but overall the food was great.”

Rositas Restaurant  4 star(s)
“thought the food was great- the service was a little slow, but it was crowded.I'll be back soon !!”

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