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Antojitos Mexicanos, Elkhart

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Gregs Volcano Pizza5 star(s)

 We love Volcano Pizza and sandwiches! We make sure whenever we are in town we eat it atleast twice. Its the best pizza and sandwiches ever. I have yet to find this deliciousness elsewhere.

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Gregs Volcano Pizza  2 star(s)
“This review is concerning Greg's Pizza in Johnson city TN. The store is under new ownership and the quality and service is totally gone. The new owner has cut back on the toppings both on the pizzas and sandwiches a... ”

Gregs Volcano Pizza  2 star(s)
“LOVE the pizza! been eating Greg's in Johnson City, TN since the early 70's and seriously, nothing compares to it. but the service is definitely LACKING! the guys act like they don't want to be there. they huf... ”

Antojitos Mexicanos  5 star(s)
“From the minute I walked into this little place I felt like I had stepped into an upscale restaurant in Mexico. The Authentic Mexican food was even better!! It was hard to find at first but it is worth while!”

Gregs Volcano Pizza  5 star(s)
“Gregs Volcano Pizza is my favorite pizza place! My favoritw one is the Easy Shopping Store! The breadsticks are to die for!”

Gregs Volcano Pizza  5 star(s)
“I live in Kansas now, but as a child i grew up in Elkhart, Indiana and my mom would always get us Volcano pizza. It was the Best ever. We moved here in 1972 and i have never forgotten that awesome taste. Recently my... ”

Gregs Volcano Pizza  5 star(s)
“Best Pizza ever.....And don't forget the sandwiches. I live in Texas now, but NEVER miss Volcano when I'm home. Do you think they can deliver to Texas???”

Gregs Volcano Pizza  5 star(s)
“I LOVE Volcano's pizza. I grew up with it and made sure I found a man that loves the Greg's Special as much as I do! :) When I was little we would always get a Greg's Special, a just Cheese, a couple Meatball and Ch... ”

Gregs Volcano Pizza  5 star(s)
“Like so many others giving reviews, the first thing I do when I visit Elkhart is call in a Volcano Pizza order. Thank you to the Canpanello family for keeping the product original and never cutting corners. We are t... ”

Gregs Volcano Pizza  5 star(s)
“I have lived in Elkhart all my life, everyone in my family love Volcano Pizza its been around all my life that I can remember,I move to Austin Texas for 2 years me and my friend bought pizza everywhere there trying ... ”

Gregs Volcano Pizza  4 star(s)
“My Father and Mother were the founders of Greg's Volcano Pizza In Elkhart, IN and in Tenn. I am most proud of my brother and sister in-law and how they have kept the product my father invested his life in the same ... ”

Taco Bell Inc  4 star(s)
“Great value!!! Enjoy the least expensive items as well as the higher end items. (Higher end only being $2-$3 range) Can't beat it when you have a car full of kids! The value meals are a true value!!”

Simonton Lake Drive-in  4 star(s)
“This is a cute little 50's style drive in where they serve you in the comfort of you own car. Food is not bad but when feeding a bunch at once can be a little on the expensive side. The home made root beer is grea... ”

North Garden  5 star(s)
“This is a Chinese buffet. Typical Chinese/American much as you can eat. Most of the Chinese items are very tasty. Not to keen on the American dishes as they tend to lack the proper spices to bring out... ”

Lakeshore Grill  4 star(s)
“Great value on $2.00 burger night which is Tuesday!!! I have eaten there several times (not just Tuesdays) and have found the food to be tasty. Some things I have liked better than others but that just goes with t... ”

Golden Egg Pancake House  5 star(s)
“Friendly, inexpensive, good portions! I have eaten there several times and have no complaints. Wait staff is eager to serve and friendly. Highly recommend this eatery!”

Applebees Neighborhood Bar & Grill  4 star(s)
“Food is good. Service a lot of the times is slow. Not sure if it is the kitchen or the wait staff Wait staff is usually friendly. They meet you at the door!”

Callahan's Restaurant  4 star(s)
“Great atmosphere for Notre Dame Football home weekends. Friendly wait staff. Fairly quick service.”

Gregs Volcano Pizza  5 star(s)
“i've only eaten at the greg's volcano pizzas in tennessee, but they are by far the best pizza i have ever had. we are in knoxville, but make it up to johnson city every few months and bring some home that are unbake... ”

Gregs Volcano Pizza  5 star(s)
“I grew up in the Dunlap area of Elkhart. I never knew the existence of Volcanoe's (then only located at Easy Shopping Plaza) until I married my husband who grew up eating it. My mother was a Pizza Hut fan until...I ... ”

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